David Wait

David Wait is a Renowned Driller and Land Management Expert

David Wait was an esteemed doctor and land management expert with an impressive academic background. He holds a bachelor’s in economics as well as a master’s in geography.

David had learned to turn to God for assistance when faced with a crisis. Even when it seemed impossible, God’s power could always provide the solution at its source.

Early Life and Education

David Wait’s parents, Samuel and Sally Wait, were Baptist pastors who believed in the importance of education for their family members. They felt it strengthened both their children and the Baptist church in North Carolina.

The Waits believed education was essential for foreign missionaries, as they often needed advanced language abilities to translate biblical texts into other languages. Therefore, they enrolled their daughters in Columbian College (the precursor of George Washington University) and Wake Forest University (the first Baptist institution).

Samuel Wait served as pastor of New Bern Baptist Church in North Carolina from 1830-1831, during which time he rented two enslaved African American females: Dicey and Hellen.

Professional Career

David has designed, built and managed a variety of natural gas pipelines, compressor stations and field infrastructure. Additionally, he led an engineering, procurement and construction team of approximately 60 engineers, environmental specialists and surveyors as well as designers and right-of-way experts.

He has been active in the energy sector for more than two decades and holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. Throughout his career, he has implemented innovative technologies to maximize efficiency across public and private sectors alike; leading initiatives such as optimizing gathering systems, compression, treating and pump stations as well as produced water solutions – an accomplishment which required meticulous planning and execution.

Achievements and Honors

One of David Wait’s proudest achievements has been his ability to give back to the community that raised him, from his early days as a student and young professional through his current position as CEO of SST Software. His generosity has been far-reaching, supporting local sports teams and businesses alike. One of David’s highest honors has been being invited onto the board of directors for Stillwater Chamber of Commerce – an opportunity which has further advanced his professional development while offering much needed respite for his family members.

Personal Life

Waits is an acclaimed leader in precision agriculture data management. He creates software that assists farmers to reach new heights of success.

He is the founder and CEO of SST Software, a leader in providing software for farming applications. Additionally, he is an award-winning researcher and educator.

Waits has dedicated his life to mastering business and entrepreneurship, developing expertise in these areas. By sharing his story honestly and openly with others, he hopes others can also achieve financial freedom.

Net Worth

David Wait is a renowned businessman with an estimated net worth of $5 million. He makes his fortune as the managing partner at several nightclubs and restaurants in Las Vegas, including XS Nightclub and Botero restaurant inside the Encore, Tryst nightclub at Wynn, and Drai’s After Hours inside Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall and Saloon.

He has achieved great success through his hard work and commitment to his business endeavors. Additionally, he made wise investments and continues to reinvest his profits back into expanding the business. Furthermore, he has had a major impact on the community with his philanthropic initiatives; starting several programs for veterans and service members who deserve respect in return for their service in the military. With this philosophy in mind, he believes everyone deserves an equal chance at success and is passionate about supporting those who have served our nation’s armed forces.

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