David Weech

David Weech, 77, Will Make a 2,000-Mile Trip to Montreal to Raise Funds For Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee

David Weech is an Emergency Medicine Specialist located in Phoenix, AZ and recently graduated with his Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine from Lincoln Memorial University.

Dr. Lee currently practices at Envision Physician Services and is affiliated with Kingman Regional Medical Center. He welcomes new patients – please call to make an appointment today.

Early Life and Education

David Weech hails from the Bahamas and currently practices emergency medicine at Kingman Regional Medical Center, both licensed in Arizona and Nevada.

He currently resides with his family in Sevierville and near their daughter who attends the University of Tennessee.

As part of his hobbies, he enjoys driving for Uber and Lyft in his free time – having done so for approximately 19 months now.

At Christmas time, you may have seen his white Kia Soul with a large Santa hat atop. He enjoys customizing car decorations for each season; his Santa hat was no different!

Professional Career

David Weech has established an impressive career in international business, technology integration and program management across North America, Europe and East Asia.

Weech currently serves as president and CEO of Neighborworks America, an innovative national housing and community development nonprofit organization. Prior to his current appointment he served as executive vice president for policy and external affairs with Housing Partnership Network.

In his debut supernatural thriller, Weech introduces an intriguing cast of characters whose nighttime psychic communications with each other are marked by strange creatures — minotaurs and bloodstained skeletons–who accompany psychic communication between themselves at night. Their nightmare war quickly turns deadly when an unseen force threatens their sanity and survival.

Achievement and Honors

David Weech was an extraordinarily accomplished man. A skilled carpenter, electrician, and plumber who built or remodeled many homes in Pima. Additionally, he installed the first streetlights down Main Avenue as well as providing electricity to nearby residences and businesses.

Erichsen received numerous honors, such as UAB School of Health Professions’ inaugural faculty award for mentoring the latest cohort of osteopathic medical students enrolled at SHP – an accolade well deserved in light of the exceptional students and faculty at this institution.

Personal Life

David Weech was an understanding, patient and generous man who was always looking for ways to better his community for himself, his family and others. He lived until March 21, 1958 when he passed away at age 82 leaving behind an impressive legacy of loved ones.

While not practicing medicine, David enjoyed writing and photography as freelance jobs. Previously a naval officer and later teaching journalism as a civilian instructor. Together with Lucy they raised three children in Shasta Oregon.

Net Worth

Knoxville resident David Weech will embark on an epic 2,000-mile personal watercraft voyage between Florida and Montreal to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee. At 77, Weech has spent his entire life around boats; yet now feels more prepared than ever to embark on this challenging trip. Previous similar expeditions he completed included one down Tennessee River where he covered 600 miles during an inaugural fundraiser run last year; this trip will be both longer and more demanding than previous endeavors.

Weech, who has two children of his own, works as a freelance driver for Uber and Lyft to cover his costs of driving his WaveRunner. He believes life should be enjoyed to its fullest while helping children.

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