David Weems

David Weems

David Weems was an author renowned for his books and articles on audio, history and goat-keeping. A wonderful man, David will be dearly missed.

Weems spent his free time fishing and hiking. Additionally, he wrote fiction and poetry.

Early Life and Education

David Weems was born November 9, 1922 in Granby, Missouri to Eula B. and Fannie (Clark) Weems and was raised in Newtonia before graduating from Midway High School.

Weems began working as an agent of Mathew Carey, a Philadelphia publisher, selling books throughout the South in 1794. Through his travels he gained an in-depth knowledge of southern people and psychology.

Weems achieved much more than simply selling copies of Carey’s biography of Washington. He made Washington into an inspirational national figure who would enliven American letters and mythology for years to come – truly remarkable work that will have an enduring legacy.

Professional Career

Weems was on his way to becoming an effective major league reliever before his untimely death at age 22 cut it short. Baltimore Orioles selected Weems in the fifth round (113th overall) of 1969 draft.

He earned All-Star status in 1973 by posting an 8-7 record with four saves and a 3.91 earned run average in 39 games. His fastball reached up to 96 mph; however, control issues caused 33 walks.

In 1998, he applied for and was offered a marketing representative job with Federated Insurance Group of the US, an insurer providing property, health and life coverage to small business owners across America. Following several interviews, they accepted his job offer.

Achievement and Honors

AVIXA, the industry trade association representing commercial audiovisual professionals worldwide, annually recognizes one person who has made outstanding contributions and served as an example in pro AV. Their highest honor for lifetime service to proAV is the Mackey Barron Distinguished Achievement Award.

Weems explores society through photography and videography. Her 2012 project “Lincoln, Lonnie and Me–A Story in 5 Parts” examines President Lincoln, her artistic collaborator Lonnie Graham as well as history as a whole.

Her recent exhibition, “Color: Real and Imagined”, at Pippy Houldsworth Gallery in London showcases key bodies of work that characterize her practice, including videos and an archival pigment print that provides the name for this show.

Personal Life

As a preacher, Weems was highly popular with his listeners; however, his methods and ideas often found disapproval from Episcopal clergymen who found them too radical for their taste.

Weems was also known to distribute inexpensive moral tracts with photographs depicting both rewards and penalties of virtue as part of his sales pitch in rural South. These inexpensive pamphlets, featuring photographs depicting them both as rewards and penalties of virtue were an enormously profitable sales success for him.

Weems made an important contribution to the Revolutionary War effort during his life by investing in two privateer boats: Williamanta and Washington. Additionally, in 1778 he took an Oath of Fidelity on behalf of the Continental Congress; later serving on its Council of Safety as well as helping organize Maryland militia.

Net Worth

David Weems (later Wemyss), was born in Scotland in 1706. As an unaccompanied minor he immigrated to Anne Arundel County Maryland with his uncle Loch Weems and lived under their care.

The Chesapeake Bay has had a profound effect on his life and career. Here, he established crabbing standards to ensure his customers could continue enjoying crab fishing as part of local ecosystems.

He established sustainable practices that have resulted in the industry thriving over 20 years later. Yet to reach this point in his career took hard work.

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