David Wehrs

David Wehrs and His Sister Barbara Wehrs Burnham

David Wehrs passed away at age 24. To honor and remember him, Barbara Wehrs Burnham volunteers three days each week at the VA hospital in Phoenix where she flies the “Honor and Remember” flag.

Barbara understands how her brother would have felt about seeing her volunteering at the VA hospital where he died. Therefore, she strives to do her part by aiding other veterans.

Early Life and Education

The Wehrs family operated a dairy farm outside Elgin. Together they worked closely together and shared chores.

David graduated from Elgin High School in 1960 and served in Vietnam. Known for his great sense of humor, David enjoyed playing sports.

David Wers is currently a partner at McKinsey & Company, leading platform and fundraising initiatives for technology, media, and telecom clients of the firm. Prior to McKinsey he served as Finance Officer of Red Hat; earned his MBA at University of Chicago; launched TeamSight as SaaS application that facilitates purchasing decisions across complex organizations; enjoys sailing, hiking and skiing for relaxation outside work hours.

Professional Career

David Wehr is a well-recognized pianist who has achieved international renown. Known for making great works of music accessible, David has performed throughout North America.

Mr. Tomaro has performed as a soloist with the London Symphony, National Symphony and Chautauqua Symphony orchestras as well as performing across Europe and Asia.

He currently serves as Senior Managing Director for Intel Capital, where he oversees investments in next generation computing, mobile client & communication system businesses. This portfolio includes BoomTV (esports platform), Cloudleaf Technologies’ IoT Cloud platform (Cloudleaf IoT Cloud), Airship Customer Engagement Platform, and SecureKey Technologies’ Next Generation Authentication Network (NextGen Authentication Network). Prior to Intel Capital he worked at McKinsey & Company as an analyst focusing on ecommerce media telecom and technology business development strategies at McKinsey & Company where his analysis focused on ecommerce media telecom and technology business development strategies for various technologies and industries (such as BoomTV), Cloudleaf IoT Cloud), Airship Customer Engagement Platform), SecureKey Technologies NextGen Authentication Network) and SecureKey Technologies Next Gen Authentication Network).

Achievement and Honors

Wehr is an experienced performer and dedicated family man, having graduated from the University of Kansas as well as studying at Cleveland Institute of Music, Taos School of Music and Dartington Summer Music School in England.

David serves as founding partner and managing director at Khosla Ventures where he oversees platform, fundraising and investor relationship management as well as strategic initiatives like seed stage and scout programs. A longtime fan of technology, David has held marketing and sales roles at Tellme Networks (acquired by AOL), McKinsey & Company and Red Hat before moving back home to Mount Lebanon from Pittsburgh where his life-defining role as Jack W. Geltz Distinguished Piano Chair of Duquesne University Dean Mary Pappert School of Music is central in his life – so much so that when asked!

Personal Life

Barbara Wehrs Burnham finds great comfort in volunteering at the VA center in Phoenix and seeing similar looks of hope in all veterans who visit to seek care, which gives her hope that America can remain strong, faithful and guided as it works to overcome war, death and combat.

David was one of these soldiers and it has always been important to her that she honor his memory. She attended several reunions of The Big Red One Infantry Division (known as 1ID ) where many others remembered David. Additionally, she has made many new friends who remember David.

Net Worth

David Wehrs was an executive with McKinsey & Company where he focused on technology, media and telecom businesses across corporate strategy, operations and sales. Additionally, during his career he provided independent consultancy for small business owners. Wehrs was arrested in March 2009 for defrauding investors of more than $2 Million through wire fraud schemes; as part of his plea agreement he must make restitution payments to both them and title insurance company as well as forfeit any assets obtained as a result of this scheme; their losses totalled $2,371,061.

Wehrs acknowledged using investor funds from his day trading scheme to cover personal expenses and make escrow payments to a title company, which constitutes a felony offense carrying up to 20 years imprisonment.

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