David Wescoe

David Wescoe

David Wescoe has over two decades of real estate expertise and is licensed by the National Association of Realtors as a real estate broker.

He has always had an overwhelming passion for painting and has dedicated his entire life to art. Specializing in watercolor and water media techniques, he enjoys chasing flowing pigment in puddles of water with a brush to capture its lack of control – an exhilarating process!

Early Life and Education

David Wescoe was raised in a poor family. To support them he worked four jobs while also striving for his high school diploma.

He learned many life lessons such as faith, determination, humility and hard work, which allowed him to become an accomplished professional.

He holds membership with various organizations, such as the American Bar Association and National Black Lawyers Association. Additionally, he serves on the board of a nonprofit organization.

Professional Career

David has over three decades of legal practice under his belt and represents clients both transactionally and litigiously, helping them turn complex business, estate or dispute issues into workable solutions.

David is passionate about helping individuals and businesses take steps to strengthen their lives in both personal and professional ways. As an attorney, David provides individuals and businesses with estate plans, including wills, trusts, powers of attorney documents and more.

He advises clients in probate and trust administration matters. He appreciates working on both transactional and litigation aspects of his practice; this helps him fully grasp any issues that need addressing. His passion lies in helping others and being an active part of his community throughout his life.

Achievement and Honors

David has had an exemplary career in business and investment. With extensive knowledge in oil and gas, as well as community involvement, David has established an exceptional record.

He has received numerous awards and honors, in recognition of his service to his community.

He is an active member of the National Society Sons of the American Revolution and serves on various boards. Additionally, he’s an avid outdoor enthusiast – enjoying hiking, mountain climbing and kayaking among many other things! Additionally, he’s actively involved with his local church as well as being a proud father and grandfather.

Personal Life

Dave was an exceptional family man, deeply invested in his grandchildren’s lives and immensely proud to call them all his own.

He enjoyed traveling and car restoration; both professions earned him significant funds; in turn, making some TV appearances along the way.

David was an active Christian who loved attending his local church and loved spending time with his family and helping those less fortunate than himself. He had an affable nature and always seemed eager to assist those in need; while staying away from drugs and alcohol and enjoying life.

Net Worth

David Wescoe is a YouTuber and self-described “vlogger” with an estimated net worth of $5 Million, amassing his fortune through merchandise sales and sponsorship agreements.

He boasts a large following on social media and his primary income comes from YouTube ads. Furthermore, Watson Fit is his mindset and fitness coaching company offering several levels of services.

As Wescoe has grown his YouTube channel and introduced new products and services, his net worth has skyrocketed in recent years. At present, he boasts over 390k subscribers and 62m views on YouTube alone.

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