David Whittlesey

David Whittlesey

David Whittlesey has become one of the premier experts in complex commercial, business and intellectual property litigation. As one of his areas of practice includes shareholder disputes, mergers and acquisitions, securities fraud claims, patent infringement lawsuits, trademark protection issues and trade secret protection matters, David has handled an impressive array of cases related to shareholder disagreements, mergers and acquisitions, securities fraud claims, patent infringement lawsuits trademark protection issues as well as other trade secrets cases.

Although his primary practice area is corporate law, he has an impressive track record in helping homeowners and small businesses address issues they are encountering. He is highly esteemed among his peers for representing clients effectively in these and related matters.

Early Life and Education

Whittlesey was born on 20 January 1881 in Florence, Wisconsin. While he later came to be known for being a staunch Socialist and pacifist, he also retained strong patriotic ideals throughout his lifetime.

William Williams went on to earn law degrees from Williams College and Harvard, before practicing in New York City. An avid collector of American history with a keen eye for archaeology as a hobby.

He was an exceptionally thorough and careful archaeologist who avoided making mistakes common to this field. Additionally, he tirelessly campaigned for the preservation of original historical documents – helping make archaeology an altogether healthier science.

Professional Career

David Whittlesey is an experienced attorney widely respected among his peers. Based in Austin, he serves on the planning committee for the State Bar Annual Meeting 2023.

As part of his career, Mr. Deveau has held positions within the US Foreign Service, Bureau for Refugee Programs of IOM, Interpeace, as a Senior Advisor with Interpeace, consulting on international community development projects; currently living in Maine.

Early in his career, Whittlesey studied geology at West Point Military Academy before working as a field geologist in Ohio. During this period he explored prehistoric American Indian sites, mapped landforms and was among the first geologists to map and measure Michigan and Wisconsin copper deposits.

Achievement and Honors

Whittlesey has had great success coaching athletes on both cross country and track & field teams at both Kansas University and Lawrence Community College, helping numerous runners earn many accolades in both events. He now works as an assistant coach at Kansas.

Since joining Kansas University, Coach McClaren has worked with numerous high-profile athletes such as Shalane Flanagan, Erin Donohue and Alice Schmidt – breaking school records in various events along the way.

He was honored for his accomplishments by being honored as the inaugural NCAA Division I Track & Field National Assistant Coach of the Year for women’s middle distance/distance events, as well as receiving both ACC Cross Country Coach of the Year and Southeast Region Coach of the Year awards twice.

Personal Life

David Whittlesey was deeply committed to his work. Additionally, he had a strong sense of morality and dedication towards helping others.

He was very thorough when it came to inspecting ancient artifacts and avoided common errors made by archaeologists, something which helped him avoid many pitfalls that have befallen other American archaeologists before him.

He wrote widely on various subjects such as geology and history, publishing numerous essays and pamphlets that were read widely across Alexandria, Virginia’s scientific community.

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