David Window

David Window

David Window is a residential and commercial window cleaner who strives to deliver an enjoyable serviceman experience for each of his customers. A family man, David enjoys doing what he loves: window cleaning!

Bergdorf Goodman’s holiday windows have long been under his creative guidance, transforming Fifth Avenue into a wondrous holiday land every year for over two decades.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

David is an extremely qualified attorney with extensive knowledge in estate planning, administration and taxation matters. He often lectures on legal topics and serves as counsel to many clients.

David Window enjoys reading and sipping cocktails when time allows. Additionally, he’s proud to be the father of one brilliant child as well as spending quality time with his wife and pups. But his favorite part of every day comes when he can put his impressive list of credentials to good use; so next time your windows need cleaning or simply need refreshing, call David Window today; his results will make your time and effort well worthwhile!

Achievement and Honors

David Window has made an immense mark in design and communications, earning a number of accolades including an honorary doctorate from his alma mater.

His innovative practical systems have assisted hundreds of organizations deliver strategic communication projects on time and within budget, earning the respect of industry leaders, clients and colleagues across four continents.

David has been active in graphic design since 1984. In 1995 he established a code of ethics encompassing social responsibility for designers across Canada which was then approved by Society of Graphic Designers of Canada in 2000 and recognized internationally by Icograda (world body for communication design).

Personal Life

David Window brings his passion and drive for communication and mentoring into his role as Director of Franchise Advancement at Window World.

Since 2010, he has been an integral part of Window World brand and franchisee experiences through consumer and franchise communication as well as providing learning opportunities through Window World University.

David enjoys spending his free time with family and traveling to new places. When not working at window cleaning jobs, David takes pleasure in spending quality time with them and exploring them further.

Net Worth

David Window, an ex-goalkeeper with an estimated net worth of approximately $1.5 Million. Thanks to years of experience and earnings and endorsements in his field of endeavor, Window has amassed significant wealth through earnings and endorsements.

His expertise includes serving as a financial tutor and running CFA, FRM and CAIA courses. Additionally, he worked in wealth management advising high-net-worth clients on investments, pensions and tax planning strategies.

He is running as a political candidate in the 8th District and plans to finance his campaign almost solely with individual donations of $10 each and decline taking any from political action committees.

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