David Yarmon

David Yarmon

David Yarmon is an influential YouTuber known for producing videos with over 10 million views that generate significant profits for him.

He’s an astute businessperson; his Google clicks could bring in up to $2.6 million each year alone.

Early Life and Education

David Yarmon is an expert in early childhood education. He believes that experiences provided to children can have lasting impacts on their development and long-term outcomes.

He has made significant strides in this area by developing center-based learning, which relies on using objects to teach, measure, build, feel and touch – an approach perfect for young children and promoting an effortless flow in learning.

He believes hard work is important, but must be balanced with other aspects of life. His approach helps him focus on personal and professional development instead of spending too much time wasting time on social media.

Professional Career

David Yarmon has been practicing law for over two decades. A member of the California State Bar, he brings with him extensive expertise in business litigation as well as insurance defense and construction defect litigation.

He finds great satisfaction in working with clients to build more valuable lives & businesses, writing his “Raising Money” column for Entrepreneur Magazine as well as numerous books.

His professional life is dedicated to helping others realize their goals and dreams. As an energetic mentor, he always looks forward to sharing his experiences. Additionally, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends and is extremely thankful for all their love and support throughout his career.

Achievement and Honors

David Yarmon is one of the best-known faces in television and real estate. His list of accomplishments include hosting popular HGTV show ‘Love it or List it’ and serving as host for American Idol, plus voice acting roles such as in ‘The Angry Birds’ game series.

He is also an accomplished French horn player – an interest he pursued with great passion over many decades. You could often spot him playing this instrument at concerts and church services – and loved to spend time with his 8 grandchildren.

He enjoyed sipping cold Miller Lites while gazing upon Lake Oconee and watching boats pass, seafood from the Gulf, BBQing with friends, two-stepping to old country songs and attending Tiger tailgate parties – all things which brought great pleasure and happiness for him and those he left behind. He was truly a proud papa who will be missed dearly.

Personal Life

David Yarmon is an American entrepreneur and television personality best known for his appearance as one of the cast members on HGTV’s reality show Love It or List It.

As such, there was much speculation surrounding his personal life; fans wanted to know whether or not he had ever married or was involved with anyone.

However, this information isn’t readily accessible on the internet.

He was previously married to Lara Grievson and they shared one child named Alfred; their divorce was finalized in 2015.

Net Worth

David Yarmon is an acclaimed YouTube personality and social media influencer known for creating daily vlogs chronicling his daily life and travel adventures.

He launched his YouTube vlog in July 2015 and quickly amassed one million subscribers within one year. He makes money primarily through ads and merchandise sales on YouTube; he has also secured several sponsorship deals that netted him $16 Million by 2020.

He owns a house that’s filled with vibrant colors and creative interior designs, is passionate about architecture, travels to see different places around the world and owns a Mustang GT convertible car as hobbies.

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