David Ybarra

David Ybarra is a Certified Financial Planner

David Ybarra has always remained loyal to his family. As a second generation Mexican-American, he takes great pride in his heritage and strives to pass it down to his children.

He is also an inspiring supervisor in Dallas ISD’s Operation Services Division, leading a team of 21 ground employees who strive to make schools and other learning facilities welcoming environments for students to learn.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood education is a rapidly developing field that has become an important public policy issue in many places. This is because the early years are essential for educational achievement, economic productivity, responsible citizenship, lifelong health and strong communities.

Erikson’s psychosocial theory of early childhood education was one of the earliest theories in this area, emphasizing children’s social emotional development and how to support them at each stage. According to Erikson, experiences during a child’s formative years would shape who they would become as adults.

National’s BAECE program not only provides education about various theories of early education, but it also includes a field experience component where students spend five hours each week in an actual classroom setting. According to Alvarado, this learning component is essential in giving students the confidence needed to become successful teachers in an ECE setting.

Professional Career

Ybarra is a certified financial planner based in Bellevue, Washington. With 15 years of experience and the series 63 and 66 license, he offers his services to individuals across the US.

In addition to his role at Consilio Wealth Advisors, he serves as trustee for the Seattle Public Library Foundation. This foundation offers a variety of services in support of the library and its programs.

As a trial lawyer, Ybarra has presided over numerous notable trials and is renowned for his strategic and tactical approach to defending complex litigation cases. He frequently aligns litigation strategy with each client’s risk tolerance and likelihood of success to achieve the best possible result – giving clients insight into making informed legal decisions for their businesses. It is this expertise that allows him to provide clients with the best legal counsel possible.

Achievements and Honors

David as a trial lawyer often finds that his clients require more than legal expertise; they also require guidance to align their risk tolerance with likely outcomes for success. He assists them by ensuring they understand the best strategy to reach their business objectives.

He also encourages his work peers to be proud of their accomplishments and recognize their own growth. This has been one of the reasons he enjoys being a supervisor at Dallas ISD’s Northwest Grounds Division.

In addition to his AAG awards, Ybarra also received the Tejano Conjunto Music Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award and is a member of both Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center Conjunto Hall of Fame (San Antonio) and Tejano R.O.O.T.S Hall of Fame (Alice, Texas).

Personal Life

David Ybarra’s personal life was filled with love, laughter and family. He was an adoring husband, father, grandfather and brother; proud Mexican American who celebrated his heritage.

He serves as President of the Minnesota Pipe Trades Association (MPTA), representing over 9000 workers in related industries throughout Minnesota. Additionally, he belongs to both Brooklyn Park Fast Pitch Association and Edinburgh Men’s Golf Association.

He has tried numerous cases throughout Illinois and Missouri, including asbestos litigation. With an impressive track record for success in trial and appeals, as well as investing in training new associates who work on toxic tort litigation, clients recognize his strength in aligning litigation strategy with what is in their best interests both short- and long-term.

Net Worth

David Ybarra boasts a net worth of $15 million, earned through his career as a lawyer. He has worked for various firms over the years, such as Christopher Kaminski, Nathaniel Donohue and Northwestern Mutual Investment Services LLC, holding both Series 63 and 66 licenses that make him eligible to act as a securities broker.

He serves as President of the Minnesota Pipe Trades Association, representing over 9000 men and women employed in piping related industries throughout the state. When not at work, he volunteers with Brooklyn Park Fast Pitch Association and Edinburgh Men’s Golf Association. Governor Mark Dayton recently appointed him to serve on the Minnesota Ballpark Authority; currently living in Lubbock, Texas at 53 years old, his career spans across various sports such as fast pitch and golf.

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