Divine Compere

Divine, commonly referred to by his initials “Div”, is the son of Shakim Compere and Queen Latifa of Flavor Unit Entertainment. Div first gained public awareness after his girlfriend Elaine Park mysteriously vanished without warning.

He posted to Facebook asking his friends for help in tracking down Elaine Park. However, nothing was ever discovered regarding her.

Early Life and Education

Divine Compere was born into a wealthy family, his father being co-owner of Flavor Unit Entertainment. Divine has appeared in multiple movies and TV shows such as Deep Blue Sea and Just Wright; additionally he has written numerous scripts for various television series.

Father Divine’s movement expanded worldwide during the 1930s as more people discovered its doctrine and miracle-work. This growth can be attributed to its popularity.

He was a slight man with a mustache and well-groomed hair who capitalized all pronouns referring to himself, teaching his followers to use “Peace” as their greeting instead of hello. Additionally, he encouraged all his followers to dress all white and practice vegetarianism – behavior which led many people to label him as a cult leader.

Achievement and Honors

Divine Compere, son of prominent financial analyst Shakim Compere who co-owns Flavor Unit Entertainment alongside Queen Latifah. Divine has recently gained public awareness due to Elaine Park’s mysterious disappearance on January 27, 2017 which made headlines and garnered national media coverage. Although being considered suspects in this investigation process by police officials, Divine has also assisted with helping find Elaine.

Since then, he has kept to himself, appearing to be in his mid-20s today. A highly successful businessman with considerable wealth to his name, but no major projects underway yet; an avid cook with many hobbies.

Personal Life

Divine Matthews-Hardison lives a privileged lifestyle most fifteen-year-olds can only dream about. Her designer clothes, awards ceremonies and parties to attend and name that opens doors are hallmarks of success for most teens her age.

Shakim Compere, her father, is co-owner of Flavor Unit Entertainment with Queen Latifah and also runs his own successful business ‘The Divine Company’.

Divine first came to public notice after his girlfriend Elaine Park disappeared without trace in January 2017. She had visited Divine’s home on that fateful night before leaving shortly before 1:00 am with an Uber service. At first a suspect, Divine and his family ultimately cooperated fully with police investigations leading to his dismissal from any list of suspects.

Net Worth

Divine Compere is a well-recognized entrepreneur specializing in finance management. He hails from Shakim Compere, co-proprietor of Flavor Unit Entertainment with Queen Latifah. Though Divine generally prefers staying out of the spotlight, his disappearance of his girlfriend thrust him into it recently.

Police investigators questioned him, but after full cooperation from himself and his family they released him as an innocent party as they still have not found her body.

Net worth measures the total value of an individual’s assets such as stocks, real estate and savings minus any liabilities such as mortgage, car loan or credit card debt. It provides an accurate snapshot of one’s financial health; more assets means greater net worth.

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