Dj Khaled Stroller Line

DJ Khaled Stroller Line

The DJ Khaled baby gear line consists of items in various price ranges. One of the more expensive models is the DJ Khaled we the best stroller, which is available in chrome matte black. Its features include a multi-position footrest, a reversible visor and a walking unit with a memory function. The aforementioned name-brand stroller also has a built-in car seat attachment that can accommodate a child of any size.

Another notable name in the baby gear department is Cybex. The company is a high-end child safety company and it was only natural for them to partner with the DJ in the baby gear space. They even threw in a custom Asahd Khaled-branded red LaFerrari children’s car. They also provided a special edition luxury baby collection to be unveiled at a special event at the Ferrari of Miami dealership. The most important part of all, is that CYBEX is a reliable manufacturer of quality and well-built products. With a devoted staff of child safety experts, the company is more than up to the task. With that said, the Cybex Mios Dj Khaled We The Best Stroller is not only the finest in its class, it is also a product parents can depend on. Despite its hefty price tag, it is a highly functional piece of baby equipment. Whether you are looking to hit the mall, explore the city or simply commute to work, the Cybex Mios Dj khaled We The Best stroller is a stalwart mate that you’ll be proud to have as your go-to infant carrier for many years to come.

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