Doggo Streamer

A Doggo Streamer Shoves Thor Into a Mini-Fridge

A Twitch streamer has caused a lot of controversy recently after shoving a dog into a mini-fridge. This was a video that has received a ton of backlash on Twitter and YouTube. Some people were surprised to see the dog go into the fridge, but others took exception to the behavior.

Dogdog originally started as a Halo player, but he switched to Team Liquid in October 2015. As a college student, dogdog found MOBAs too time-consuming and decided to switch to other games. During his free time, he started playing HearthStone and quickly gained fame as one of the best Arena players. In August of 2019, he quit Team Liquid to focus on his content creation.

After the controversy erupted, the streamer apologised for the embarrassing video. The video was part of a “Best of Clyde 2021” compilation, which included a video of him pushing Thor into a mini-fridge. While the streamer had since apologized, many viewers were still left wondering how this video ended up in the “Best of Clyde 2021” compilation.

A doggo streamer named GsxrClyde has apologized for the video, which was released on his YouTube channel. It caused a backlash, and people reported his channel and his YouTube channel. However, GsxrClyde has been streaming for six years. The video was a highlight reel of 2021 and was flagged by YouTube as inappropriate.

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