Donald Faison Teeth

Donald Faison Teeth Controversy

The controversy over Donald Faison’s teeth has made headlines for years, but this latest controversy may be more than that. The actor first gained public notice for his white and shiny teeth after he wore braces on the set of the 1996 film Clueless. The show’s writers tried to incorporate a medicinal marijuana storyline into the series, but the network rejected it. As a result, they smoked pot behind the scenes.

Zach Braff and Donald Faison are friends in real life. In fact, the two recently launched a podcast, “Fake Doctors, Real Friends,” which covers the pilot episode of the NBC sitcom Scrubs. Both Braff and Faison recalled that they had a crush on Sarah Chalke, the star of the show. In the podcast, Braff pressed Faison to explain why he had to change his teeth in the series.

In addition to his comical roles, Donald Faison is also an accomplished voice actor. In Scrubs, he portrayed the role of Dr. Chris Turk, a physician. He also voiced the character of Dr. Chris Turk on the popular ABC/NBC television series. His teeth changed slightly between the first and third seasons.

Before landing in a movie, Faison starred in music videos. His first notable appearance was in the 1990s song “Sittin’ in My Room.” This song was part of the soundtrack for the film “Waiting to Exhale”. He also appeared in many music videos in between.

While his acting career gained traction only when he was fifteen, his parents enrolled him at the Professional Children’s School in New York City. His childhood friends there included Dashiell Mihok, who would later become a fellow actor. Faison then went on to appear in a number of important movies of the 1990s, including “Juice,” with Omar Epps, and “Sugar Hill” with Wesley Snipes.

Unfortunately, Faison also lost his wife Lisa Askey in 2017. The couple had three children together. In a 2002 People interview, Faison credited Askey with helping him to rectify his financial problems. The two separated in 2005, and appeared to be on good terms. Even though Faison has been married several times, his teeth remain white.

Faison is also known for his challenging relationships. He dated Audrey Ince in the mid-90s before marrying Lisa Askey in 2001. Together, the two had twins in 1999 and a son named Kobe in 2001. While the couple had three children together, they eventually divorced.

Faison has also become active in the LGBT community. He regularly supports LGBT causes. His support of the LGBT community has included donating to an organization that fights the Westboro Baptist Church’s anti-LGBT hate crimes. They recently helped to fund a virtual pizza party to raise funds for LGBT destitute youth in Topeka, Kansas. The fundraiser was a hit with fans, and even Cyndi Lauper contributed to the campaign.

Faison is also a big fan of animation, with multiple voice acting credits under his belt. Faison’s love of “Star Wars” inspired him to create the YouTube short BlackStormTrooper. He has also interned at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, which is home to “Robot Chicken” on Adult Swim.

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