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Donald P Bellisario – Actor, Writer, and Producer

Donald P. Bellisario is an actor, writer, and producer. He has been married four times. His first marriage lasted for five years. He married Lynn Halpern in 1979 and they had a son, Michael. He also played a role in the television series JAG. His third marriage lasted six years and he married Deborah Schwartz. In 2006, Bellisario donated $1 million to Pennsylvania State University to name its College of Communications.

He was born on August 8, 1935, in Pennsylvania, the son of an Italian family. He joined the Marine Corps in 1955 and was awarded the Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal. He then attended Pennsylvania State University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in journalism in 1961. He later worked as an advertising copywriter and creative director at Bloom Agency. He retired in 2007, and the couple split up in 2009. His wife and children live in Los Angeles.

Donald P. Bellisario is married to Vivienne Bellisario. Together, they have two children. They have not had an affair. His first marriage was to Margaret Schaffran. Their union lasted for nine years. They had four children together. He later married Lynn Halpern in 1979. He has a daughter with Julie, David, and Vivienne.

Before becoming a celebrity, Bellisario worked in advertising. He also contributed to the production of several successful television shows. He was also a writer, which led him to have more than twenty writing credits. He also received a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2004. His net worth is estimated at $550 million.

Donald Paul Bellisario was born on August 8, 1935. His father was a tavern owner and he grew up listening to the stories of war veterans. After spending fifteen years in advertising, he decided to make it big in Hollywood. He began as a story editor for the television series Black Sheep Squadron. He later worked in television as a producer for Magnum, P.I. (1980). He also worked in production in NCIS and Quantum Leap.

Bellisario has seven children from three marriages. He is the father of three daughters and one son. His oldest son, Michael, is the father of two daughters. He is also the stepfather of two stepsons. He received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2004.

Bellisario is a very famous television producer and screenwriter. He has won numerous awards for his work in the television industry. He also has some military experience, having served in the U.S. Marine Corps for a time. He has also created many television series. He is also an actor who played roles on “NCIS” and “JAG”.

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