Donna Doll

Donna Doll

Donna Doll recently broke up with her first boyfriend. He was a nerdy and possessive jerk. He was planning to visit her college in the fall, and felt he didn’t deserve to be dumped like this. Donna was not impressed, and she felt the same way.

Donna Doll was a childhood friend of Donna Chiarelott, and they went back to school together. When they were young, Donna Doll took care of her younger siblings and cleaned the house. As a result, she was unable to go out with her friends because she had to babysit.

The dolls were meant to taunt Ethan. The dolls resembled Mia, and Donna used them to taunt him. Donna was also involved in the events of the movie. In one episode, she attacked Ethan with a grotesque fetus-like monster, and he was chased by her. However, the monster Ethan faced was likely a hallucination created by Donna.

Donna has a childhood mentality and is afflicted by a debilitating mental illness, known as agoraphobia. She is obsessed with dolls and is a talented dollmaker. She can outfit her dolls with retractable bladed limbs. She is a normal-sized woman but has a scar on her face. Her scar is a reminder of her parents’ death, which may be the reason she developed her interpersonal anxieties.

Donna had a difficult childhood, and her family broke up slowly. She developed deep-seated social fears and often preferred talking with people through her Angie doll. When she reached adulthood, she spent most of her time focusing on her doll-making hobby. Her family members were eventually killed, and she had to replace them all. Her dolls replaced her parents. She was also a replacement for her family, but it is unclear whether she was her sister.

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