Douglas Daniel

Douglas Daniel – A Lifelong Odum Resident

Douglas Daniel was raised as part of a military family and attended Culver Military Academy before finding work at a soap factory – spending his free time prowling bars looking for lonely women to romance in his off time.

He has over three decades of experience practicing criminal defense, with expertise in DWI/DUI offenses, alcohol related offenses, state and federal conspiracy cases, drug possession and violent crime charges spanning South Texas county courts.

Early Life and Education

Dan was the son of Daniel Eley senior (1882-1965), an advertising writer. Growing up in Odum and attending local church services regularly, he developed an avid love for reading Scripture as well as playing competitive golf – his name can still be seen along a stretch of highway in Odum today.

He moved to St John’s College, Cambridge in 1938 after receiving a senior award of PS300 per annum from DSIR, joining Professor (later Sir) Eric Rideal FRS’s department of colloid chemistry – with its strong research foundation including two glassblowers and a workshop capable of fabricating instruments – under Professor Rideal. There he made significant advances in his work on semiconductivity of organic solids.

Professional Career

Doug Daniel is an expert in experimental and qualitative research methodologies. He has conducted studies pertaining to student learning, connections between education and employment, student progress through STEM fields of study and more. Furthermore, he has published several articles in academic journals.

He has over three decades of experience practicing criminal defense law, garnering extensive knowledge in DWI, assault, domestic violence, federal conspiracy, drug, juvenile state and theft matters. His practice covers most counties in South Texas allowing him to become familiar with both Judges and Prosecutors throughout South Texas.

Douglas has extensive experience representing healthcare providers in professional liability litigation. She has represented hospital systems, academic medical centers, physician practices and their employees before state and federal courts as well as regulatory boards.

Achievement and Honors

Doug had an outstanding athletic career, once stealing seven bases during a college baseball game. Doug currently serves as deacon emeritus of Odum Baptist Church and actively takes part in its activities and committees over time.

Martin Willis was one of many gifted students he mentored who later went on to have fruitful scientific careers, working on organic semiconductors in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Okazaki with Dan (figure 3).

Dan was an integral member of the Faraday Division and actively contributed to its discussions. To commemorate his 100th birthday he received both the Chemical Landmark Blue Plaque and an extensive programme of talks celebrating it.

Personal Life

Douglas Daniel was an ardent sports fan and loving father to his four sons, devoting much of his time and attention to their upbringing. Additionally, Douglas served countless clients across South Texas in DUI matters and State/Federal crimes of violence cases as an attorney specializing in DUI law and State/Federal crimes of violence litigation.

He was a veteran of the US Marine Corps and worked as a microwave radio technician, later transitioning to underground coal mine electrician. He loved NFL football and NASCAR racing – both were passions of his as he followed Kentucky University as well as playing golf regularly.

He leaves behind his wife Laurie and beloved pet Jazzper. A long-term volunteer for Habitat for Humanity in his local chapter, he also regularly donated blood platelets and supported the homeless shelter at his church.

Net Worth

Doug has extensive experience representing clients in a range of disputes relating to corporations and alternative entities, such as mergers and acquisitions, breach of fiduciary duties claims, securities class actions, books and records demands, control challenges, advance and indemnification provisions, statutory appraisal rights, earn-outs and other contractual issues. Doug is well versed in representing clients before both the Delaware Court of Chancery as well as state courts throughout the country in bankruptcy matters such as plan confirmation disputes and avoidance actions.

He is also highly engaged with crypto and has gained much from that area as well. Overall, he is an exceptional multi-talent individual who has accomplished almost everything possible within this industry. With an international fan base and admirers worldwide.

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