Dr Manhattan Quotes

Dr Manhattan Quotes

The cynical philosophy of Dr. Manhattan is apparent in his quotes on life and death. He once answered a photojournalist’s question, “Can you go up?” By saying that it’s always too late, he has shown a certain lack of empathy towards human life.

The Watchmen comic series and movie features the fictional superhero, Dr. Manhattan, a blue-skinned man with the symbol of the hydrogen atom on his forehead. As a god-like being, Dr. Manhattan experiences time in a nonlinear way. His motivation is to discover a less complicated galaxy and society. He’s a constant character in the Watchmen universe, though he seems emotionless and is often absorbed in his own thoughts.

Because he sees multiple timelines at once, Manhattan is able to see the past and future simultaneously, which makes him a fatalist. Manhattan believes that tachyons block his connection with the future, but he accepts it. In fact, he prefers to be in this phase of uncertainty because it excites him.

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