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One of the most talked about former Subway spokespersons Jared Fogle was the subject of a massive federal investigation. While the case is still in progress, the details are slowly trickling out. So far, the most notable revelations have been the fact that he pled guilty to the lesser charge of child pornography, he did not commit the more serious felonies of sex abuse or solicitation. In fact, the alleged victim may have never been found. The good news for the former spokesman is that his attorneys have agreed not to pursue a sentence longer than 12 and a half years.

The former spokesman was a big time ad guy and appeared in over 300 Subway commercials over 15 years. But he is best known for a number of things, including his massive weight loss, his famous “Fogle hat,” and for quoting the film “The Shawshank Redemption.” As a result, he was frequently featured in Men’s Health magazine, where he was touted as a fitness model who lost 245 pounds. And, as an added bonus, he got a pretty good diet. But his weight loss efforts were not without their pitfalls.

He was also accused of having sex with two young girls, one of whom was only a few years old. His most memorable sex exploits were a little more nefarious, though. For instance, he claimed to have sex with an 11 or 12-year-old girl. In reality, the girl was about 16 and the alleged sex was actually in the form of a kiss, albeit on the cheek. And it seems that there is more to the story than meets the eye, as at least one of his victims went on to have a successful career.

What’s more, Fogle was one of the first recipients of the much more prestigious title of FBI informant. According to the FBI, he and Herman-Walrond became acquainted more than a decade ago when she started working for the agency as a child protection specialist. As her oh-so-secretly recorded emails reveal, he allegedly had a secretive interest in child pornography, and feigned an interest in sex with minors. He even wore a wire around his neck for the better part of four years.

It’s a shame that the best of the Subway spokesman’s oeuvres was a short one, but it’s no doubt that his achievements should have been recognized. It’s also unfortunate that he was the subject of such an extensive and lengthy investigation, as evidenced by the dozens of arrests and court appearances he’s made since his arrest in September 2014. For now, he’s back home and avoiding junk food in favor of healthy alternatives.

If nothing else, the recording is a reminder of the importance of keeping our children safe and sound. In a world where 16 million children are at risk, and where a little misfortune can be the difference between life and death, we should all be thankful that he didn’t commit more serious crimes.

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