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Rena Riffel, MD – Internal Medicine Physician

Dr. Riffel practices General Internal Medicine at Providence Medical Center-Kansas City and accepts various insurance plans.

She and her husband lived with an individual with autism, bipolar condition, intellectual disabilities and obsessive compulsive disorder for 10 years – during this time she learned what was needed to live an independent and dignified life.

Early Life and Education

Dr. Lawrence Riffel is an internal medicine specialist who diagnoses and treats conditions affecting organ systems of the body. Currently accepting new patients as well as telehealth appointments in Kansas; affiliated with University of Kansas School of Medicine.

She has lived with friends who suffer from autism, bipolar condition, intellectual disabilities, obsessive compulsive disorder and mild cerebral palsy during her lifetime, which taught her valuable lessons on living a dignified life. Teaching special needs children brings great joy into their lives while increasing quality of life; furthermore she supports numerous charity events as well as road biking, hiking, traveling and attending college sporting events as hobbies as well as spending quality time with family.

Professional Career

Starting off as a model, she quickly earned recognition for her acting work – most notably for her performance in Showgirls 2 as one of its stars. Beyond acting, she has also contributed her time as writer/director/producer of numerous films.

She takes special interest in working with children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder as well as teaching students good social skills. She enjoys developing meaningful relationships with both patients and their families.

Dr. Riffel works at Optum Primary Care-Moon Valley in Phoenix, AZ as a board certified internal medicine specialist and accepts new patients and telehealth appointments. Her patients have consistently rated her high quality care services and accept multiple insurance plans.

Personal Life

Riffel is a wife and mother to two children living in Franschhoek, South Africa with her family. In her free time she enjoys cooking and traveling as well as reading books and listening to music.

She has published books and articles, taught college level classes on Families and Quality of Life as well as Applied Behavior Analysis for Classroom Teachers, and served on committees related to these issues.

Volunteer activities were also an integral part of her life; including district tutoring for adjudicated youth and teaching middle and high school grades in detention facilities. She participated in research studies about autism. With a strong social conscience and positive outlook on life, she always tried her best to assist those around her as much as possible.

Net Worth

Rena Riffel has made her mark in both film and television through acting roles such as Married… with Children and The Pretender as well as movies such as Between Christmas and New Year’s, Trasharella, Goat on Fire, Lady Killers Candyman: Day of the Dead Astrid’s Auto Portrait Mulholland Drive Showgirls 2.

Net worth refers to the sum left after subtracting total assets from total liabilities, and is an indicator of financial security during emergencies or job loss. Bankers prefer seeing positive net worths for prospective borrowers, while negative numbers could indicate debt with no savings to fall back on.

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