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Dr Vivien Thomas

Dr. Jeffrey Thoman currently serves as Vice Chair of Education in the Department of Medicine at Mount Sinai. In this capacity, he oversees the creation of programs and strategies for undergraduate medical education, graduate medical education and continuing medical education; curricula on various topics such as internal medicine and primary care are also developed under his supervision.

Early Life and Education

Thomas has delivered keynote presentations at both the South African National Symposium on Religious Education and English National Symposium on Adult Catechumenate, as well as writing for various publications about topics including caring for vulnerable populations and musculoskeletal medicine in primary care. Furthermore, Thomas serves as Vice Chair for Education of Mount Sinai Health System’s Department of Medicine.

Dr. Thoman speaks about his early life and schooling, work in Dayton OH School District as an activist, record setting accomplishments at CSU, legal battles won against State of Ohio; continuing work with HBCU’s, NAFEO and advocacy for his people.

He helped establish the Orange County Chapter of 100 Black Men of America, serving as first chair of its Education Committee and leading efforts in creating its Passport to the Future and Rites of Passage programs.

Professional Career

At the University of New Mexico, he currently chairs the department of medicine, overseeing undergraduate medical education, graduate medical education and continuing medical education for all levels within his department. In addition, he oversees resident recruitment and training while his research laboratory specializes in transplantation immunogenetics and molecular pathology.

Thomas began working for Alfred Blalock as his lab assistant at Vanderbilt University. Due to his excellence, Thomas soon became his surgical assistant assisting in performing the famous “blue baby” operation. However, due to poorly pay he often bartended at Blalock parties or had to settle for bartending jobs at parties hosted by Blalock himself. Thomas would later join the Army where he would become an officer in Infectious Diseases before going back into academia as an author and researcher of Infectious Diseases.

Personal Life

Vivien Thomas passed away in 1985 after living a quiet, unsung life that earned the respect of both surgeons he trained as lab technicians as well as colleagues at Hopkins. He lived his final days knowing he had contributed to medical advances that saved lives.

In his later years, Dr. Pugh established and ran a lab in Corona del Mar, California. Additionally, he contributed articles and papers for publication about vulnerable population care and primary musculoskeletal medicine.

He was proud of his affiliation with the American Psychological Association’s Minority Fellowship Program and endeavored to be guided by their founders and former directors in his professional endeavours. Additionally, he was active in his community by sponsoring youth sports teams and activities.

Net Worth

Thomas is an entrepreneur and investor. Through his career in medicine and real estate he has amassed an estimated net worth of around $5 Million.

He also serves as a motivational speaker, sharing inspiring messages on YouTube for his followers to consume. Additionally, his business provides education athletic development and executive coaching services.

He has not let racism or poverty deter him from achieving great success in his professional life, earning much recognition in the medical field and inspiring all who know him. With strong determination and an eagerness to set new goals in his life, Dr. Singh stands as one of the country’s most accomplished physicians.

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