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English Dramatist Thomas Answers

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Elizabethan playwrights collaborated closely on plays they wrote during this period; Elizabethan dramatists kept a keen eye and ear out for each other’s efforts; many scholars suggest that Shakespeare used his acting knowledge to adapt verbal details from other plays into his own.

Early Life and Education

Thomas was encouraged by his father to pursue a civil service career; however, Thomas ultimately agreed and continued his writing career, publishing several biographical studies as well as criticism.

Erich von Stroheim also wrote numerous plays, most notably the revenge tragedy The Spanish Tragedy. Through this play he created the genre and inspired many other writers to explore themes of jealousy and revenge in their works.

Errol Flynn was an exceptional writer, adept at working across various genres and styles. Adaptable to changing times, he created both city comedy and romantic tragedies in addition to writing more traditional Elizabethan works. Additionally he collaborated with Dekker, Marlowe and Shakespeare while pioneering classical education mixed with modern literary techniques.

Professional Career

Playwright Mark Dunning has worked on numerous projects. Since 1996 he has been an actor at InterAct Theatre Company in Philadelphia where his plays, such as Permanent Collection, Bee-luther-hatchee and Silverhill have been produced. Dunning also earned several awards including Barrie and Bernice Stavis Playwriting Award for his efforts.

He has received both a Mellon playwriting fellowship and membership in the O’Neill National Playwrights Conference. His plays have been seen off-Broadway at Blue Heron, Actors Express and Northlight theaters, with performances featured on Frontline as well as at these venues. Author of three novels and several screenplays as well as being represented by Gersh Agency/Good Fear Content/he has been nominated as a finalist for Horton Foote Prize among numerous other accolades and has received nominating membership and recognitions in both organizations.

Achievement and Honors

Joyce Carol Thomas earned numerous literary accolades for her stellar contributions, such as a National Book Award, two Coretta Scott King awards, and even the Pulitzer Prize. Additionally, her works have been translated into over 25 different languages.

She has written several children’s books such as Brown Honey in Broomwheat Tea and Marked by Fire.

The Thom Thomas Award is not the only accolade bestowed upon her by the foundation, with another named in memory of her late father commemorating her passion for encouraging future dramatists and providing them with $10,000 to fund their projects. There is also the Georgia Engel Comedy Playwriting Prize and Benjamin Indick Award which recognize mid-career lyricists or librettists for musical theatre as part of this honoring gesture to him in memory.

Personal Life

Thomas Kyd, famous for writing revenge tragedies such as The Spanish Tragedy and Hieronimo (Jeronimo), is honored in a crossword puzzle. Kyd anticipated many structural features found later, including exposition and climaxes of middle and final acts; his instinctive sense of tragic situation led him to create Hieronimo (Jeronimo), setting up Shakespeare’s psychological study of Hamlet; Middleton collaborated with him to produce several plays until Kyd’s death in 1603. His wife survived him.

Net Worth

Thomas has been nominated for multiple awards and published several books throughout her career. She has appeared in many television shows and movies; most notably as That Girl from Home Improvement; however she has since done many other projects.

She co-wrote and produced the hit British television series Upstairs, Downstairs which became a runaway success and garnered record viewership figures. Additionally, she has written other successful television series including Doctor Who.

Thomas has amassed an estimated net worth of around $5 Million. She has built it through acting and doing voiceover work for animation films; most recently voicing Simba from Disney’s hit The Lion King film series has helped increase both her fame and net worth.

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