Dua Lipa James Charles Tweet

Dua Lipa and James Charles Tweet

Dua Lipa and James Charles exchanged messages in a recent tweet, but it’s not really what you think. The original tweet went viral, but some fans realized it wasn’t real. In fact, the same tweet was attributed to many other celebrities. Twitter users altered the tweet to make it look authentic. However, this phony tweet still ruffled some feathers.

In the tweet, James wore a blonde wig, green eyeshadow, and a green shirt. Dua also had similar makeup, hair, and clothing. The picture even included emojis. The tweet was later deleted, but not before it caught fire.

James Charles’s tweet is a reaction to the controversy surrounding Dua Lipa. The singer was criticised by fans after performing at the American Music Awards with her song ‘Don’t Start Now’. Dua Lipa hasn’t replied to the controversy.

James also tweeted a photo of Dua, who was also wearing green makeup and a green shirt. The similarities between the two celebrities are striking. James compared Dua’s green shirt and makeup to his own green makeup. The colors seem to complement each other and may even be unrelated to the two stars’ makeup and hairstyles.

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