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Who is Ellie Daniels?

Ellie Daniel is an Olympic-medal-winning swimmer and highly successful author/educator.

Her achievements in education include helping Christian institutions obtain regional accreditation. Additionally, she collaborates closely with the Taking Christ to Millions Institute’s Haus Edelweiss program.

Early Life and Education

Eleanor Daniel has had an outstanding and prolific career in Christian education. Her greatest contribution came in Vacation Bible School curriculum development by Standard Publishing Company; under Eleanor’s tutelage it reached unprecedented levels of popularity.

Elvan Daniels currently serves as Senior Scientific Director for Clinical and Cancer Control Research at the American Cancer Society Global Headquarters. In this position, she oversees research program development, pre-application management and peer review processes as well as diversity-oriented initiatives like internships in cancer research-internships for minority researchers; institutional development grants to federally qualified health centers; and cancer health equity research centers at minority-serving medical schools.

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Professional Career

Eleanor Daniel has enjoyed a distinguished professional life encompassing congregational ministry, teaching and administration of Christian higher education courses, practical publishing on Christian education as well as international educational work in developing nations. Eleanor has become one of the most esteemed faculty members within the Stone-Campbell Movement.

She played an instrumental role in helping CBC&S (now CCU) gain regional accreditation, serving on eight site teams and chairing two during 1990-1994. Additionally, she is well known as an accreditation consultant to other institutions seeking accreditation.

Ellie has developed a holistic practice that emphasizes empathetic listening and tailored attention for all her clients. She works closely with them to identify personal goals and objectives, explore practical solutions that address challenges such as intrapersonal growth or increasing personal fulfillment.

Achievement and Honors

Ellie Daniels was an impressive athlete. With two Olympic gold medals, four world records, and eight national championships to her credit, Ellie excelled at swimming on an elite level during an era when women’s college swimming wasn’t widely practiced. Ellie knew what she wanted from life and pursued it tenaciously.

Once she finished competing, she continued working with athletes through various committees related to the Olympics and serving on Athletes’ Advisory Council and other initiatives. She assisted other swimmers as a liaison between US Olympic administrators and themselves.

Ellie Daniels was honored with the Emily Mauzy Vogel Endowment Scholarship this year, which recognizes students who leave an impactful mark both on campus and in their communities. The award comes with a monetary gift.

Personal Life

Ellie Daniels is an American cancer researcher. Currently she serves as Senior Vice President of Extramural Discovery Science for the American Cancer Society, where she has created and led various special initiatives.

She earned Olympic medals in both the 4×100-meter medley relay and 100-meter butterfly events during 1968 Mexico City Olympics, appearing in many stage and film productions as a performer.

She is a member of the Gorsedd of the National Eisteddfodau and has competed in various competitions as an orator. Additionally, she performs music professionally as an additional bassist for Hakeem Willow and Lyra Evans, as well as progressive metal and modern pop genres in general. She resides in Johnson City Tennessee with her husband and two children.

Net Worth

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Ellie has not only achieved professional success but is also involved in various charitable activities – participating in the Bupa Great North Run and contributing money towards various charity events.

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