Elliot Oracle

Elliot Oracle

Elliot Oracle is a website that offers tarot readings from a Milwaukee-area tarot specialist. Elliot has extensive experience performing readings and owns a tarot shop in the historic East-side neighborhood. He has performed thousands of readings and is known for his empowering consultations. He has a background in classical oboe and is a native of the Metro-Milwaukee area.

In the late 1980s, Elliot was studying the oboe in Iowa City and had a scholarship to play for the local school orchestra. He later accepted a solo performance at the Royal Irish Academy in Dublin, Ireland. But when he took the stage for his solo performance, he was overcome with a panic attack. His colleagues noticed he was trembling on stage.

In early 2020, Elliot moved back to Milwaukee and moved into a duplex owned by his sister. He also began taking care of his mother, who had pancreatic cancer. After he regained his mental and physical equilibrium, Elliot created a website with the support of his wife. On his website, he drew a card every day and wrote about its meaning. His aim was to inspire readers to go beyond the meaning of the card and consider their own self-image.

The website has a large fan base and is one of the most popular tarot blogs on the Internet. He also has a bestselling book based on his tarot interpretations, called Fearless Tarot. Elliot is committed to empowering the reader through his website and books. His interests include classical Greek language and ancient Greek history.

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