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Erik Francis, Lakewood School District Cleaner, Passes Away

Erik Francis dedicates much of his time and resources to community activities outside his business endeavors, believing that personal and professional success are impossible without giving back to society.

He has been actively engaged in charitable activities on a local, regional and national scale as well as active membership of several professional associations and societies.

Early Life and Education

Erik was a lifelong resident of DeWitt and worked in the printing industry for more than four decades at Wellman Press Inc. He leaves behind his wife Kaye Gruetzman of DeWitt; two daughters Debra Meredith and Barbara Yowaish; three grandchildren named Zachary Butts, Ashlee Butts and Joshua Yowaish as well as siblings Mary Pauli from New Glarus Wisconsin and Claude Guillory from Crowley Louisiana as well as many nieces, nephews and wonderful friends.

Erik is an author, educator and speaker who specializes in cognitively rigorous teaching and learning environments. With more than two decades of classroom teaching, site administration experience, education program specialist at state education agencies and staff development training as part of Maverik Education LLC; Erik provides professional development consultation services focused on creating challenging educational experiences which challenge students to demonstrate depth of knowledge.

Professional Career

Erik is an internationally-recognized educator, presenter, author and presenter with over two decades of experience as a classroom teacher, site administrator, state education agency program specialist and staff development trainer. He offers professional development, consultation and coaching to schools and districts to enhance student achievement, teacher effectiveness, stakeholder relations and overall school performance. He specializes in designing and providing learning experiences that meet standards-based criteria while remaining socially and emotionally supportive and student friendly. His expertise includes inquiry-based teaching and learning using quality questions from Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (DOK), cognitive rigor, standards-based grading and learning, authentic learning, differentiated instruction and talent development. Erik is the owner of Maverik Education LLC and author of Now That’s a Good Question! How Classroom Questioning Promotes Cognitive Rigor by ASCD.

Achievement and Honors

Erik Francis, district cleaner at Lakewood High School and passionate about working for the district. Always smiling, eager to assist and offering lighthearted humor through jokes or wisecracks he provides levity with. A fantastic supporter of fellow staff members such as visiting his injured colleague often and regularly asking how she’s doing he is an invaluable member of staff who makes our district shine!

Queensland selected him to play fullback for their inaugural interstate match against New South Wales at Brisbane Cricket Ground but once war was declared he enlisted and left for overseas service in March 1916, never returning home or appearing again for Queensland in a Test match.

Francis is an engaging author, educator and presenter who offers professional development on inquiry-based teaching and learning using good questions, Depth of Knowledge (DOK), cognitive rigor, standards-based learning/grading procedures, authentic learning methods such as tiered instruction and differentiation as well as talent development.

Personal Life

Erik Francis is a professional educator and author who specializes in cognitively rigorous teaching methods. As the owner of Maverik Education LLC, Erik provides educational consulting on implementing inquiry-based lessons using effective questions, depth of knowledge, and standards-based grading and assessment systems.

After graduating from the University of Maryland in two and a half years, he went on to study law at Villanova University before joining the Environmental Protection Agency as an attorney in Washington, DC.

He wrote astrology columns for both New York Daily News and Marie Claire magazine before later moving onto Chronogram. Currently living in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife and children he also practices photography as the founder of Book of Blue a fine arts photo studio with online books available.

Net Worth

Erik Francis Schrody has made quite the fortune from his musical and singing careers, earning many accolades and awards along the way. As an acclaimed musician, singer, rapper and songwriter for over twenty years he is well known within the music industry and its ranks. He was recently recognized with an Emmy award.

He has written articles for both New York Daily News and Marie Claire magazines. Additionally, he has dabbled in crystal gazing.

At 18 years old, Gymshark was established with Lewis Morgan in their parent’s garage. Through partnerships with fitness influencers who promote its gear, this venture has experienced exponential growth and currently boasts a net worth of $9 Million as of November 2023.

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