Estelle Swaray And Tv Shows

Estelle Swaray – Musician and TV Star

Estelle Swaray has made a name for herself with her music, and she has been featured on numerous music videos and television shows. She has won multiple awards, including best newcomer and best female artist in the UK Hip-Hop awards. She has also appeared on several TV shows and starred in several commercials.

Swaray was born on 18 January 1980, in Hammersmith, London. Her parents are of West African descent, with her mother being from Senegal. Her father, on the other hand, was Grenadaan. She was the second of eight children in the Swaray family. Her parents were deeply religious, and the family was forbidden from listening to secular music. Nonetheless, Estelle grew up listening to spiritual music, and when she was away from home, she listened to hip hop. Her mother also loved reggae, and her father built speaker cabinets.

Estelle started her career as a guest artist on other people’s records. By 2008, her music was reaching the mainstream, and she has become a household name. However, her success has not been a straightforward one. She originally came to America for support, and her success has exploded in the past decade.

The singer-songwriter’s debut album, The 18th Day, reached the top thirty of the UK Albums Chart. Her subsequent single, Shine, charted internationally and paved her way to mainstream success. The song earned a Grammy Award for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. Then, her fourth album, All of Me, was released, and featured the song “Thank You.” The album also received a Grammy nomination for Best R&B Performance.

Apart from her music, Estelle has appeared on various TV shows and movies, including the critically acclaimed Steven Universe series. She also sang the theme song for the 2015 film We Bare Bears. She is also active in television, with appearances on shows like Real Husbands of Hollywood and Enpire. In the latter, she sang a duet with Jussie Smollett. Despite her extensive work in TV and film, Estelle is a very private individual and rarely discusses her personal life.

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