Esther Williams Swimwear

Esther Williams Swimwear

The designer Cole of California approached Williams to endorse his latex swimsuit. The latex suit was one of the first to eliminate the zipper, and it fit better than a traditional swimsuit, and allowed the wearer to move more freely in the water. The designer approached Williams independently of the MGM studio. This was a groundbreaking move, as celebrity endorsements were uncommon and all profits went to the studio.

Esther Williams was a Hollywood movie star, Aquacade musical star, and Olympic swimmer. The brand pays homage to her iconic looks with swimsuits that are comfortable and eye-catching. The designs are elegant and capture a vintage feel. They are available in all sizes from 8 to 24.

The tops are made of soft foam that offers a comfortable fit while enhancing your bust area. The bottoms are also made of high-quality spandex/nylon. The tops are available in cup sizes A-F and are available in solid colors or sexy prints.

Esther Williams started her career in Billy Rose’s Aquacade and went on to become a star. A few years later, a scout for MGM recognized her talent and cast her in the film Andy Hardy’s Double Life. After that, she became a national favorite and starred in The Bathing Beauty, the first film to center around aquatics. She went on to star in other popular films, including Thrill of a Romance, This Time For Keeps, Pagan Love Song, and Million Dollar Mermaid.

She married four men in her lifetime, resulting in three children. Her first husband, Leonard Kovner, was a pre-med student who died of pancreatic cancer in 1982. She then married Fernando Lamas, who later died from pancreatic cancer. Her last husband, Edward Bell, died from a heart attack in 2012.

Several of her swimsuits are recognizable today. Esther Williams’ designs have influenced swimsuit fashion. A photo gallery and biography on the Smithsonian website document the designer’s life. A video of Williams’ life and career is also available. During her lifetime, she had an enormous influence on swimsuit fashion.

In the late 1940s, Esther Williams became a box office draw. Her movies included Thrill of a Romance (1945) and Easy to Wed (1946), which remade Libeled Lady and also starred Spencer Tracy and Lucille Ball. It’s possible that she was one of the biggest stars of Hollywood.

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