Exclusive Madison Cawthorn Pos Reveal Him Wearing Womens

Exclusive Photos of Madison Cawthorn Wearing Womens Lingerie

After Politico published photos of Madison Cawthorn in women’s lingerie, the Republican Rep. has defended himself. The images were independently obtained by The News & Observer. Cawthorn’s spokesperson did not immediately respond when we asked for comment. He is up for reelection in District 11 in western North Carolina.

While Cawthorn has denied wearing womens clothing in public, his former campaign staffer and another person close to him confirmed that the photos are genuine. They also appear to show Cawthorn sitting in a wheelchair, indicating they were taken after his 2014 accident. In the photos, he is wearing a pendant necklace that is also seen on other pictures of him.

Cawthorn is currently a member of Congress. He is running for his first reelection. He is running against seven Republican candidates. He has a lengthy history of controversy, including allegations of orgies. He called Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian President, a “thug” as well as being pulled over twice for driving with no license. He announced his divorce from his CrossFit athlete wife Cristina Bayardelle in December 2021.

While Cawthorn is currently facing seven Republican challengers in the Republican primary, he has repeatedly declared that he is not backing down. However, his recent controversies have cost Cawthorn the trust of voters. In the eyes of many, Cawthorn has lost the 11th Congressional District.

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