Exploding Gift Box

Exploding Gift Boxes

An exploding gift box is a fun and unique gift to give to friends and family. It combines two styles into one box. The outer layer is made of squares, which you fold inwards toward the center. There is an adhesive on the backside of each square. You will see a colorful exterior and an interior when you take off the lid. You can personalize the inside with photos, notes, or other mementos.

There are several ways to make an exploding gift box. One way is to use confetti. A confetti explosion is a harmless prank and can also create a wow effect at a party. Confetti is a popular choice. It will brighten the day of any recipient.

You can make the box more artistic and decorative by adding multiple layers. The lid of the box should be about 8.1 inches high, and the center square should be 4 inches square. You can use different colored paper for each layer. You can cut different-sized squares and place them in the center square.

Explosion boxes can be made quickly and personalized. A personalized message or photo can be added to the explosion box. You can add a photo to the box by cutting it into small squares. You can make the box more personal by cutting the photos to a size of 2″ x 2. Once the box is assembled, add the lid. The contents should explode when the lid is removed.

If you don’t have a template, you can print a box card that shows you the correct way to fold the sides and creases. It also shows the layers and fold lines. After the adhesive dries, you can secure the pink corner squares with a paper clip.

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