Female Funko Pop

Female Funko Pop

If you love pop culture and want to show it off, check out some female Funko Pops. Although the company is best known for its licensed bobbleheads or vinyl figurines, it has expanded its product line to include plush toys, action figures, board and other games. The company’s goal is to make fandom affordable and fun so that you can take your fandom home.

The female Funko Pop line includes figures of powerful women characters from Marvel and Hollywood. Wonder Woman and Black Widow are two examples. You can also find DC Comics and Star Wars characters among other popular characters. Each figure comes in a window display box and features authentic detailing. You can also check out the DC Comics and Marvel Comics collections for more fun and collectible collectibles.

Pops can also be found at high prices. The ClockWork Orange GITD is about $13,400, while Stan Lee’s autographed chrome-and-gold variant is worth more than $100,000. If you’re serious about collecting Funko Pops, you can find the most expensive ones through reputable sellers.

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