Florida Mom Onlyfans Star Defends Family

Florida Mom OnlyFans Star Defenders Family

A Florida mother and OnlyFans star defended her family from masked bandits who broke into their home. The incident was captured on security camera footage, which has gone viral on social media. The video showed the model yelling at the robbers not to shoot and also pointing her gun at them, according to The New York Times.

The incident happened at the One Paraiso Residences, a high-rise condo in Miami. Both Ansley Pacheco and her husband Daniel had guests in the building at the time. They were watching the NBA finals when two masked men forced their way inside. The family was on the second floor when the robbers arrived. Ansley’s 7-year-old son, Kaylee, was in the room with her and he was asleep when the burglars entered the house. The two armed men then forcefully entered the house and demanded that the family give them everything.

Pacheco was in her bedroom when she heard a commotion in her master bedroom. The masked intruders shot at her six or seven times before fleeing the residence. They were then chased down by her husband, who drew his own pistol and fired several shots.

During the fight, the masked intruders ignored her pleas for mercy. As she was recording the incident, she also yelled at the robbers not to shoot. The masked men did not follow her orders and instead fired back at her, causing them to flee the house. Ansley and her family then retreated to their living room, where they were filmed on the family CCTV camera.

Alivea Goncalves, a reporter for The New York Times, said that she did not recognize the person on the CCTV video. It looked like a woman in blood, but she did not know the identity of the intruders. The police said that they had not yet apprehended anyone. The police did not release any other information about the suspects.

The investigation of the incident began when a friend of the homeowner opened the gate to their home. When he went back in, he saw two armed men forcing their way into the house. Ansley did not recognize the intruders, but she had heard the men yelling at her husband to “get down” and to “give them everything.”

A witness told the police that she heard Christian Obumseli tell Courtney to leave. It seems that he had been threatened by Clenney after they had moved to Miami from Austin. The witness also heard Courtney accusing Christian of lying. The witnesses did not say if the couple were being physically abusive, but members of the Obumseli family said that Christian was being abused.

When the investigation was completed, the police said that the intruders had not been caught. But prosecutors in Miami released surveillance video of the February 21 altercation. The video shows that Clenney was the main aggressor in the incident. It also contradicts claims made by her attorney. In fact, the video shows that she was the primary aggressor in the attack, kicking and striking Obumseli repeatedly.

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