Ford Jokes

Ford Jokes

Ford jokes have been around for almost as long as Ford itself. They started with targets such as noise, speed, maintenance and cost, but as the car has evolved it has been the subject of many variations. Fortunately, the funniest ones don’t have to be restricted to this brand, and can be applied to any make of car.

A classic example of a Ford joke is the fact that they give away dogs with every car they sell. The new Ford comes with a Chevy engine, which is a great excuse for a joke. You can also make fun of the abbreviations for different models if your Ford isn’t up to the mark.

Ford is also known for its safety features. It has ABS brakes, which enable drivers to stop quicker, allowing them to grab parts that might have fallen off. It also has a heated tail gate to make your hands warm while you push the tailgate. While many Ford vehicles now have airbags, they are not all equipped with these safety features.

One Ford joke involves Jenny Shipley, who is chauffeured around by a Ford ute. A Ford can haul the same amount wood as a Holden ute if it were towing it. A Ford is also more aerodynamic, meaning it will tow less petrol.

Another example is the Ford F150. It’s a brand new car that cost thirty-thousand dollars, and is owned by capitalist billionaire Henry Ford. But in the parking lot, there are hundreds of cars. Despite its high price, the new car was not able to beat the Toyota rowing team.

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