Fulco Family Band Wife Swap Where Are They Now

Wife Swap – The Fulco Family Band and the Heene Family

Wife Swap is a British television series that has been popular in the United States since 2010. It pairs families with very different backgrounds in a two-week “matching” contest, as the wives swap in order to test their mettle against the spouses. Among the families featured on the show are the Fulco Family Band and the Heene family. Aside from their music, the Heenes made the national news for their balloon-related shenanigans, albeit, in a hoax. They were found safe inside of their home, while authorities believed that they had been tangled up in a balloon.

The Fulcos were a family of musicians who have played music together for many years. Their first gig was at a music festival in China when they were all teenagers. However, the group’s greatest success was a 16-stop tour of Europe when Joei Fulco was in her early twenties. Throughout the years, the band has released a number of singles, some of which have become hits. Since they departed the music scene, fans are still wondering where they’ll go next.

The Stockdales, meanwhile, lived a very secluded lifestyle. They raised their four sons in a strict household that included a ban on TV and dating. They also had a self-imposed ban on vulgar language and curse words. Despite the restrictions, Timothy Stockdale managed to turn his sons into successful musicians. Eventually, the boys began performing in a bluegrass band. In fact, one of the group’s members, Calvin Stockdale, was an expert on the banjo.

On a more personal level, the family featured on the show was in the center of a very real and gruesome double murder. They were also in the middle of a number of other things, including self-imposed bans on video games and curse words, as well as the oddest of lucks. One of their sons, James, was shot while the other, Jacob, tried to commit suicide. Unfortunately, the two were not able to save their mother, Kathy, from the bullets. After a long and drawn-out trial, the Stockdales were eventually sentenced to 30 years to life in prison.

Although they were not on the list of winners in the family-of-four race, the Fulcos did show up in the Wife Swap trivia contest. This was mainly because of the band’s homage to the aforementioned Stars ‘N’ Bars Cafe in Monte-Carlo, where the family had a guest appearance during the 20th anniversary of the establishment.

Although the Fulcos are no longer on the Wife Swap roster, the group has performed as a duo with their brother Jesse, releasing a series of singles in 2019. The group is now looking to make a comeback, and with the help of Kotero Entertainment, they should be able to do so. Hopefully, they will be able to make some of their fans’ dreams come true.

In the meantime, you can still listen to some of the Fulcos’ songs on their website. While they are no longer on the Wife Swap schedule, you can always reach out to them through their official website or through social media.

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