G.V. Daniels

G.V. Daniels Recreation Center

G.V. Daniels Recreation Center was named in memory of Genevieve Rogers Daniels, who ran it for 20 years prior to her passing away in 1988 and was so highly regarded by city council that an unanimous resolution honoring her was approved two months after her passing away. It can be found in Abilene, Texas.

Early Life and Education

After earning his Mass Communications degree, Kuya Daniel began searching for work and found himself as a broadcaster at a radio station. Starting small but eventually progressing up the ranks to lead popular religious programs such as Ang Dating Daan as director.

Vernell was an energetic and vibrant woman who loved her family unconditionally. As a faithful follower of Christ, she was an inspiration to those she encountered; all those she touched knew she had an unforgettable personality. Vernell died February 19, 1989 in Abilene, Texas.

Professional Career

Genevieve Rogers Daniels was so beloved by Abilene residents that the local recreation center was named in her honor after she passed. Additionally, Genevieve received numerous testimonials both during her retirement party and upon publication of her obituary in the Reporter-News.

After graduating college in 1986, GV Daniels pursued a career in mass media and broadcasting. He worked as a radio disc jockey on both DZRH and DWST before joining MCGI’s production staff for Ang Dating Daan and visiting Coordinating Centers around the world to monitor brethren’s wellbeing.

Net Worth

A person’s net worth can be defined as the difference between their assets and liabilities; assets include cash, investments and real estate while liabilities include both revolving consumer debt such as credit card balances as well as fixed debt such as mortgage or car loans. An increase in assets or a reduction in debt owed can boost someone’s net worth – either alone or together.

Officer Daniels, a popular Facebook star who posts humorous videos related to police work, has amassed an enormous following and is estimated to make in excess of $350K per year through this activity. For these videos he dresses in women’s attire while speaking in high-pitched voices to perform them.

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