Gary Owens Wife And Kids

Gary Owen’s Marriage Is No Longer Working

Gary Owen’s marriage is no longer working, as his first wife, Kenya, filed for divorce. Gary and Kenya have three children together. The oldest is 19-years-old, while the second is a baby. They have been separated ever since 2003. Kenya has been publicly attacking Gary online, claiming that he is a deadbeat who has not supported her at all.

Kenya is an entrepreneur who owns the travel company Premier Sports and Corporate Travel. She married Owen in 2003, and they had three children together before their divorce. The children are Austin, Emilio and Kennedy. They filed for divorce in March 2021. The two have not spoken to their children in a year.

Kenya filed for divorce in March after 17 years of marriage. According to reports, Kenya demanded $44,000 per monthly in spousal support. The couple had children together, but it was unclear if the divorce was permanent. Kenya has also been regularly appearing on television shows and Gary’s talk show.

In the late 1990s, Gary and Kenya met in California. They met at a comedy club, but didn’t exchange numbers. However, after a second meeting at the same club, the two started talking. Shaquille O’Neil introduced them to each other at their first meeting. Kenya was working for Shaq’s clothing line at the time.

Gary Owen and Kenya Duke had 3 children together. However, their relationship ended after online controversies. In an Instagram post, Kenya called Gary a deadbeat. Gary responded on the Wendy Williams show. Kenya explained that she hadn’t made their relationship public before they got married, but was trying to support her husband’s business. Kenya says she gave up a job in order to support her husband. Kenya is now asking for a divorce.

Gary Owen is a proud father of three children. His kids are named Austin, Emanio, and Kennedy Owen. Kenny also has a child from a previous relationship, but it is unknown whether he is the biological father. Their children live a happy, healthy lifestyle.

The couple’s marriage was based on his earning potential and his ability to raise three children. He claimed that his salary never fell below $100K a month. Owen has a strong connection to his son and treated him like his own. Owen once joked that he considered him a package deal with Duke.

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