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George Archibald Net Worth – How Much Does George Archibald Worth?

George Archibald is an eminent pioneer, conservation icon and co-founder of the International Crane Foundation. His lifelong dedication to protecting cranes and their wetlands has been recognized around the world.

On July 13, 1946, he was born in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada and is renowned for his work with endangered species such as North American whooping cranes.

Early Life and Education

George Archibald was born on May 3, 1814 in Truro, Nova Scotia and attended Pictou Academy – a non-sectarian school that focused on liberal science education. Additionally, he studied under Thomas McCulloch, an esteemed educator and theologian in the Maritimes.

In 1836, Archibald opened a law office in Truro and soon after became both a justice of the peace and commissioner for schools for Colchester County.

He was elected to the Provincial Assembly of Nova Scotia as a member of the Reform (later Liberal) party in 1851 and later went on to become solicitor general in 1856 and Liberal party leader in 1863.

He was an enthusiastic supporter of Confederation, serving as one of six delegates from Nova Scotia at the Charlottetown and Quebec conferences in 1864. Additionally, he advocated for the building of a railway link to Canada which Macdonald appointed him to his first federal cabinet as Secretary of State in 1867.

Professional Career

George Archibald spent much of his life serving the public good, serving as judge in Nova Scotia, lieutenant governor in Manitoba and an international authority on tropical disease research. In his later years he directed the Wellcome Tropical Research Laboratory in Khartoum, Sudan.

He began his political career as a Reformer and earned a seat in the Nova Scotia legislature in 1851, topping polls in Colchester County. As an advocate of Joseph Howe’s Liberal government which upheld Protestant interests, he supported religious liberty initiatives.

Archibald often relied on reasoned arguments rather than sentiment to make his points in the Nova Scotia House of Assembly. He supported reciprocity with the United States, supported a state-run school system and opposed attempts to expand electoral franchise. Furthermore, Archibald was an enthusiastic supporter of Confederation; attending both Charlottetown Conference in September 1864 and Quebec Conference in November 1864.

Achievements and Honors

George Archibald is a renowned conservationist renowned for his work to conserve rare crane species and their wetland habitats. In 1973 he founded the International Crane Foundation and continues to champion crane conservation around the globe today.

He is a true conservation champion who uses his innovative brand of crane diplomacy to protect endangered birds. Additionally, he chairs the World Conservation Union commission on crane survival.

In 1873, Archibald was appointed lieutenant governor of Nova Scotia – a more straightforward position than his previous one in Manitoba, yet one still requiring his input on numerous matters. Furthermore, he had to contend with ministers who disapproved of his involvement in confederation.

Personal Life

George Archibald is a renowned ornithologist and conservationist. As chairman of the International Crane Foundation in Baraboo, Wisconsin, he dedicates much of his time to building grassroots support for crane preservation in Asia.

He is a soft-spoken man who has made an immense impact on the conservation world and is widely considered Wisconsin’s international conservation ambassador. Co-founding the International Crane Foundation with ornithologist Ronald Sauey, he has dedicated much of his career to studying cranes and working to save them from extinction.

He was an enthusiastic supporter of Confederation, being one of the first delegates to attend Charlottetown Conference and helping create Canada’s federal government. Additionally, he pursued conciliation with Metis peoples by encouraging them to register their lands.

Net Worth

According to multiple reliable online sources, george Archibald’s net worth ranges between $1 million and $3 million. His fortune has been amassed through his primary career as a politician.

George Archibald is a Canadian politician who served in the Nova Scotia House of Assembly from 1984 to 1999 as part of the Progressive Conservative Party.

He has held various public offices such as justice of the peace and commissioner of schools.

As a boy, Archibald developed an affinity for birds and began breeding ducks, pheasants and chickens at home. Additionally, during his undergraduate and graduate studies at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia he focused on studying cranes.

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