George Bandik

George Bandik – A Chemistry Professor at the University of Pittsburgh

George Bandik has been a professor at the University of Pittsburgh for 41 years, teaching Organic Chemistry I and II as well as Chemistry for Health Related Professions.

He is an engaging professor who makes his classes exciting by walking around the classroom and writing examples on the chalkboard. Students always look forward to learning from him!

Early Life and Education

George Bandik is an old school teaching veteran. He prefers a hands-on approach, walking around the classroom, writing on the board and making sure all students are engaged in their lessons.

Professor Bandik has been teaching organic chemistry courses at the University of Pittsburgh for 41 years, serving as faculty advisor to the American Chemical Society – its largest club – as well as participating in Honors Organic High School Program and Saturday Science Academy activities. His dedication to education has earned him numerous awards and accolades from his colleagues at Pitt, but what truly sets Bandik apart is being able to connect with his students on a personal level through not just academics or science topics but their lives too!

Professional Career

He prioritizes not just the grades his students earn, but also their well-being, future plans and how they enjoy learning. In his 41 years at the University of Pittsburgh as both a graduate student and professor, Bandik has worked to cultivate an intimate connection with each student.

He currently teaches Organic Chemistry I and II, as well as a Writing in Chemistry course for senior majors and Chemistry for Health Related Professions. Furthermore, he is actively involved with the American Chemical Society at the university and serves as faculty advisor to its Dietrich School chapter.

His classes are interactive and engaging, with examples written on the chalkboard in front of five hundred students in a five hundred person lecture hall. He wants his students to develop the ability to “think their way through solving a problem” as transferrable skills that they can apply in everyday life.

Achievements and Honors

George Bandik is a professor in the Chemistry Department at the University of Pittsburgh and teaches Organic Chemistry I and II, Chemistry for Health Related Professions and Writing in Chemistry. Additionally, he serves as assistant dean in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Dean’s Office. Additionally, George participates in several outreach initiatives like Honors Organic High School Program and Saturday Science Academy.

His mission is to foster relationships with his students, not just about chemistry but life in general. He strives to instill skills like problem-solving and listening carefully that he believes are essential for future success. Additionally, he cares deeply about their wellbeing, hopes they enjoy learning and makes sure everyone feels at ease in his large class setting.

Personal Life

George Bandik, a professor of chemistry at Pitt, is not content with simply teaching his students about chemical linkages like esters, ethers and epoxides. He also wants them to develop the skills of listening attentively, thinking critically through problems and enjoying learning.

He is renowned for his friendly and accommodating teaching style, which makes a large class feel intimate. His students appreciate him getting to know them better and their future plans; this comes through in his dynamic yet hands-on instruction style – even taking time out of class to remember each student’s name! This dedication has earned him a place among the department’s most popular instructors due to his attention to detail.

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