George Baran

George Baran – A Memorable Man Who Built Trudell Medical Group Into a Global Powerhouse

George Baran is a Canadian entrepreneur who built Trudell Medical Group into an internationally renowned force in the medical device industry. Through his leadership, several groundbreaking medical technologies have been created, such as AeroChamber.

He is an inspiring success story, having built an entire company from nothing. His work has had a tremendous impact on millions of lives around the world.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

George Baran has been active in the medical device industry for more than two decades, holding various leadership roles both business and technical. His duties also include acquisition and development of novel medical device technologies as well as preclinical marketing of these drugs to major pharmaceutical companies and medical opinion leaders.

He currently serves as Executive Chair of the Trudell Medical Limited Board of Directors and is a major shareholder. With an MBA in Business Administration from Richard Ivey School of Business, he holds several US and international patents for innovative medical devices used for drug delivery and minimally invasive surgery.

Achievements and Honors

George Baran’s accomplishments and honors are vast, encompassing many fields. He is particularly celebrated for his contributions to telecommunication sciences and engineering, particularly his invention of packet switching technology and development of telemetry equipment for NASA.

He served as a leader on numerous Federal and Provincial committees to encourage the growth of medical and pharmaceutical businesses in Canada. Furthermore, he founded Let’s Talk Science, a national non-profit organization dedicated to increasing public awareness about science’s role in Canadian society.

He founded and served as Chairman of Trudell Medical Group, a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of medical products. Additionally, he invested heavily in several medical device and e-health/connected care companies and served on various hospital, corporate, and government advisory boards.

Personal Life

George Baran was a loving husband, father and grandfather who dedicated his life to family. He always put them first and could always come up with an amusing joke or card trick to make them laugh.

He was an active community leader with a deep dedication to the London region. He served on numerous hospital, corporate and government advisory boards.

He founded a family foundation and generously sponsored Let’s Talk Science, an innovative national program. He enjoyed hunting, fishing and golfing – being an active member of PA Association for Hunting & Fishing. Furthermore, he was proud to be a Navy veteran. Survived by his loving wife Mary Patricia (Doyle) Baran; two children; his parents: George W. Baran & Nancy M. Barrett.

Net Worth

Baran is a modest man who has achieved great success in the business world. He built Trudell Medical Group into an expansive enterprise with hundreds of employees around the globe.

The company specializes in respiratory devices and distributes, manufactures and researches them out of London. Their AeroChamber device for treating asthma has provided millions of people with relief from symptoms.

Baran transformed Trudell Medical from a struggling company with just a dozen employees to an industry giant. Despite numerous offers to relocate the business abroad, he steadfastly chose to remain in London and expand the company. Additionally, with his wealth he set up a family foundation alongside his wife Kathryn for giving back to their community.

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