George Bashura

George Bashura – A Candidate For the Penn-Harris-Madison School Board At-Large in 2022

George Bashura is running for the Penn-Harris-Madison School Board At-large in 2022. Learn more about them including their background, education and career history by viewing their profile and verifying contact info such as phones, addresses and emails on Ballotpedia – we provide a wealth of data including social media profiles, publications and arrest records.

Early Life and Education

Early years in a child’s life are crucial for their physical, social, and emotional growth. Additionally, this period provides them with invaluable opportunities to learn about themselves, their environment, and community.

Between birth and age eight, children must form healthy relationships with parents and other primary caregivers, experience positive exposure to environments, and form secure attachment. These experiences and education will have a lasting effect on their lives and future prospects.

Early childhood education is a topic that has become increasingly prominent in public policy discussions. Under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, member states have committed to “ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education for all.”

Professional Career

George Bashura has maintained a low-profile for years, but his accomplishments speak for themselves. With one of Connecticut’s most prestigious portfolios, Bashura boasts an impressive array of gold rings, diamonds and pearls that reflects his success as an entrepreneur and self-proclaimed king of his compass. Estimates place his net worth at approximately one billion dollars today – more than enough to rival any high roller in this competitive field! With such dedication comes great responsibility; Bashura serves as executive overseeing all aspects of this renowned high roller’s life with equal vigor despite having such privilege.

Achievements and Honors

George Bashura has achieved much in his life. He is well known for his involvement with the Naugatuck Valley Health District in Connecticut and his role as co-chair of NEHA’s terrorism and all-hazards preparedness technical section. He is also co-chair of a committee that addresses pandemic flu and other public health emergencies. Furthermore, he was previously part of the New York State Health Department’s Emergency Preparedness Council and National Association of County and City Health Officials; additionally he has been elected to Penn-Harris-Madison School Board At-large in Indiana. A longstanding member of his community, Mr. Harris-Madison has worked to promote both his family’s wellbeing and that of their local area.

Personal Life

George Bashura is not only a well-known politician, but also an exemplary family man. He holds himself out as being proud father to three children and an active philanthropist who supports numerous charitable organizations – most recently, the local Boys and Girls Club which he founded in 2012. Other major donations include the Seymour Museum and new library in Cromwell he grew up in; so much so that peers voted him their top citizen of the area!

Net Worth

George Bashura is an affluent real estate developer whose empire has grown to include properties across numerous US states, resulting in his net worth increasing to 1.4 billion dollars.

He is an exemplary philanthropist who has donated money to numerous charities and supported those suffering from cancer. Furthermore, he was instrumental in the establishment of a new hospital in his hometown of Shelton.

George has been married to Barbi Benton for several years, and they have two children together. It appears that their union is a happy one, as the couple seems to enjoy their lives together.

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