George Beachum

George Beachum – A Well-Known American Football Player

George Beachum is a renowned American football player, currently playing for the New York Jets.

Beachum has been an impressive performer for the Jets this season, boasting a 65.5 Pro Football Focus grade and no sacks allowed.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

George Beachum has a distinguished professional football career that includes three NFL stints, including his three-year run with the New York Jets. As an SMU offensive tackle, Beachum earned a reputation for being an upstanding member of his community and has taken that commitment to another level as an activist.

He’s joined forces with nonprofit OneTeam Collective to facilitate connections between athletes and their intellectual property. Additionally, he is a philanthropist and champion for clean water initiatives.

The NFL veteran has made it his mission to give back to his community through numerous endeavors, from working with Jets’ charity the Rehr Fund to participating in November’s food distributions.

His latest project, an exhibition of works that examines how art can shape our world, is currently on view at SMU. To curate it, they collaborated with Bennett Gillespie – a Greenhill graduate and co-owner of Pencil on Paper Gallery – who co-owned Greenhill during their undergraduate days.

Achievements and Honors

George Beachum was an iconic figure in Greensboro’s community. He was the first African-American hired as a Scout Executive by Boy Scouts of America, and played an integral role in leading the city’s civil rights movement.

He was an active member of the NAACP and earned their Martin Luther King Award. Additionally, he served on the board of directors for Greensboro Urban League where he helped to develop their housing program and served as a mentor to young people.

Beachum is now a left tackle for the New York Jets, giving him an opportunity to focus on social justice issues off-field. In 2011, Beachum participated in and supported Dennis Simon Endowed Civil Rights Pilgrimage – an experience which Beachum strongly supports.

Personal Life

George Beachum developed an appreciation of nature and adventure during his youth. He often took walks along peaceful roads and trails, which fostered his enthusiasm for exploring the great outdoors.

He had a passion for learning, and this led to him excelling academically. Additionally, he was involved with his local Boy Scout troop.

As an adult, he served as president of a natural history club at the University of Maryland and led nature hikes for the National Capital Park System.

He is also a board member for the African Acquisitions Committee at the Tate Foundation and an advocate for equity in education and business, hunger relief, and access to clean water. Twice nominated by NFL’s Walter Payton Man of the Year Award, his story has been featured on MSNBC and Xfinity television networks.

Net Worth

The Mexia, Texas, renaissance man is an NFL offensive tackle with a net worth of $12 million. He started 52 games for Southern Methodist University and holds both bachelors and masters degrees.

Beachum has a passion for making an impact on his community. Last month, he and teammate Dennis Gardeck joined forces to distribute holiday food and donate technology to low-income schools in Arizona through The Digital Divide Donation initiative.

In 2017, he was ranked 12th among LTs with a salary of $5 million – an incredible sum for an offensive tackle. Additionally, his cap hit for 2019 is set at $9.5 million, just under what he earned over his first seven seasons combined.

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