George Gamaldi

George Gamaldi

George Gamaldi currently resides in Daytona Beach, Florida after previously living in Patchogue, New York; Port Charlotte, Florida; and Houston, Texas.

Gamaldi, as president of the HPD Officers Union, is a well-known figure within the local police community. As tensions between officers and communities have grown, Gamaldi has been an outspoken champion for his fellow officers.

Early Life and Education

He was originally from Long Island but relocated to Manhattan as a police officer. While living in the suburbs, he met fellow officer Ray Hunt and purchased his dream home.

Gamaldi returned to law enforcement after serving in the military for a brief time, and has never looked back since. As president of the Houston Police Officers’ Union, he is an outspoken supporter of law enforcement officers. In 2018, his efforts helped overturn Proposition B – a citywide ballot initiative which would have guaranteed equal pay for police officers and firefighters of similar rank. He also wrote several books on topics relevant to police, and enjoys engaging in friendly banter with fellow officers while using high-tech gadgets!

Professional Career

George Gamaldi has spent his career as an officer with the New York Police Department. In this capacity, he has earned a reputation as a tough cop who is willing to put his officers’ lives on the line when necessary.

He serves as national vice president of the Fraternal Order of Police, America’s largest police union. Recently, he has gained notoriety for his passionate defense of police and condemnation of anti-police organizations.

His social media accounts often feature criticism of protesters, particularly those criticizing the NYPD’s treatment of people of color. He has appeared on Fox News and The Glenn Beck Program to speak out against cities that have pledged to dismantle or reduce their police departments or reduce funding for them.

Achievements and Honors

Gamaldi has achieved much in his life, including a distinguished career as a police officer. After graduating college with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and minors in political science and sociology, he served as an NYPD patrolman for several years.

He relocated to Houston in 2008 and joined the HPD, serving as an officer until 2018. In 2018, he took on the role of president of the local police union.

As leader of the HPOU, he has assumed a significant role for the city’s police department and been actively engaged in local contract negotiations. Furthermore, he has become a public figure, appearing on Fox News and other conservative media to denounce groups he believes to be anti-police.

Personal Life

Gamaldi will serve as president of the Houston Police Officers Union during a period when their department is under increasing scrutiny and controversy. His task will be to help keep officers motivated while also ensuring that society views them as honest, capable professionals.

Carol Smart’s book Personal Life: New Directions in Sociological Thinking asserts that individuals can form strong connections with friends and colleagues outside their families based on shared experiences rather than blood ties. She believes this helps people feel more connected and secure.

Gamaldi has gained prominence within the police union movement over the last year, particularly due to his vocal opposition to anti-police groups. He frequently appears on Fox News and other conservative media outlets to denounce cities who attempt to cut funding or eliminate their police departments.

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