George Garabedian

George Garabedian

George Garabedian was an iconic Southern California musician-producer and the founder of Mark 56 Records. His music had become a mainstay on pop radio stations across the nation.

Despite his many successes, he remained a modest man who never took himself too seriously. His art was deeply personal, serving as proof of the power of storytelling. His legacy will live on through generations to come.

Early Life and Education

George Garabedian was born on October 1, 1914 in Morenig, Kharberd, Armenia to Harry George Sr. and Varter (Mermerian) Garabedian.

He first came to America as a young boy and attended high school in Rhode Island before marrying the love of his life, Violet.

He was a long-standing member of Holy Resurrection Armenian Church in New Britain, CT where he served as Parish Council member, Chairman of the Parish Assembly and Diocesan Delegate for his church. Additionally, he held several leadership positions within the Armenian community of Hartford area. Survived by his wife Violet and family as well as numerous cousins, nieces and nephews, he will be greatly missed.

Professional Career

Garabedian, a Concordia BComm graduate, has made an impressive name for herself in the travel industry. As Vice-President of National Sales and Strategic Account Management at American Express Global Business Travel, she assists multinational and local companies with managing their corporate travel programs.

She has achieved many notable accomplishments throughout her career, but it was her commitment to her team that truly set her apart. She encourages employees to share knowledge and ideas while giving them the freedom to apply their skillsets towards reaching goals. It’s no wonder why she is considered one of the top travel professionals in the industry. Additionally, she’s active within her community by serving on boards for multiple non-profits; additionally, she holds certification from ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) and has received numerous awards for her work within this sector.

Achievements and Honors

George Garabedian founded George’s International Tours, a company dedicated to serving Christian pilgrimages to the Holy Land. With an in-depth knowledge of what distinguishes a vacation tour from an intense spiritual journey, George has always put his clients’ needs first.

He has received numerous awards and honors throughout his career, such as the Honorary Consulship of the Philippines, keys to Detroit, Houston and Charlotte among many others.

He has served as President of both the UCLA Engineering Alumni Association and on the Governing Board of the School of Engineering, earning him several awards from each organization. Furthermore, he is an Eminent Engineer of Tau Beta Pi and a member of Society of Women Engineers (SWE), with whom he has held many volunteer leadership roles.

Personal Life

George Garabedian was an innovative entrepreneur who revolutionized the travel industry. He founded a company that handled thousands of pilgrims on their journeys to Israel, setting many industry records along the way. George Garabedian will always be remembered as a hero to those in his path.

Aside from his business success, he also excelled at golf and amateur music, amassing an impressive collection of trophies for his efforts.

Unfortunately, he passed away in 1990 at the age of 90. His ashes rest at the foot of Mount Moriah in Jerusalem with his wife and two children, leaving behind a lasting tribute. Though missed by friends and family alike, his name remains synonymous with excellence – so be sure to explore these links to learn more about him and his remarkable accomplishments.

Net Worth

George Garabedian boasts a net worth of $3 Million. This wealth has been generated through his work as a lawyer, most recently representing victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests in Boston. Additionally, George is known for his involvement with the AIDS Institute and charity organization Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association.

He has owned 25,317 units of First Solar Inc (NASDAQ: FSLR) stock since 2012. His largest trade was selling 90,000 shares on 4 August 2016 for over $3,979,800. Since 2012 he has made 37 trades of FSLR stock on average every 73 days; other stocks he holds include ESS, Fulfil Solutions and Covalent Metrologies; his salary estimated to be around $575,000 annually.

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