George Gasparini

George Gasparini

George Gasparini is a senior counsel at a law firm specializing in telecoms and media. He assists clients with an array of communications marketplace issues, such as FCC approvals, executive branch compliance with rules, lending to regulated entities, wireless spectrum policy issues and strategic decisions related to media content creation and online video distribution.

Early Life and Education

In the United States, there are numerous public policy initiatives that encourage early childhood education and care. Examples include the Child Care and Development Block Grant program, Head Start, as well as state-funded preschool programs.

In addition, there are numerous private advocacy and think tanks, research institutions, outreach initiatives, university foundations and more that contribute to ECEC policy making. They offer information and referral services; collaborate with local and state governments on specific needs; and fund innovative programming.

Despite all these efforts, there remain numerous gaps in knowledge about ECEC. Particularly, there is an incomplete understanding of brain development during early childhood and how interventions can benefit children.

Professional Career

George Gasparini is a Florida-based civil engineer with an eye for technology. As a Republican Party of Florida committee member, his influence can be felt across the state.

He boasts an impressive professional resume, having held positions such as associate at a midsize firm, policy fellow at Public Knowledge, and specialist in telecommunications, media and wireless spectrum issues. Of particular note is his recent award from the Federal Communications Commission for his work on 5G wireless spectrum regulations.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Georgia Tech and a master’s in legislative affairs from the University of Florida. Currently, he serves as vice president and chief technology officer at an IT company where his primary responsibilities include overseeing all aspects of their cybersecurity strategy – including development and maintenance of their proprietary technology platform.

Achievements and Honors

George Gasparini is an acclaimed musician who has composed the score to several stage musicals. Additionally, he practices law with expertise in telecommunications and media law, providing advice to clients regarding FCC approvals, wireless spectrum policy decisions, as well as strategic issues in the media marketplace such as platform immunity.

He has achieved great success in his career and is a proud father to three children: Peter, Lisa and Cheryl. Additionally, he is survived by his daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. A lifelong resident of Tarrytown, he passed away November 11, 2022 after an inspiring life. Those close to him will truly miss this accomplished and kind individual; donations in his name may be made to the Tarrytown Volunteer Fire Department in lieu of flowers.

Personal Life

George Gasparini was a loving husband and father, survived by his beloved wife Pauline Intonti and five children; as well as, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. A lifelong Tarrytown resident, George was also active in his church community.

He has established himself as a musician, writing the scores for several stage musicals and teaming up with playwright Carson Kreitzer on an original work about suffragette Victoria Woodhull. Additionally, his songs have been performed to sold-out houses around the world. As part of comedy group The (M)orons with fellow Broadway actors Alex Brightman, Andrew Kober and F. Michael Haynie; as well as being part of BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop members Joe’s Pub, Feinstein’s/54 Below and Rockwood Music Hall his work has been showcased at Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center, St James Theater London plus numerous NYC venues including Joe’s Pub Feinstein’s/54 Below and Rockwood Music Hall have all performed his compositions live!

Net Worth

George Gasparini is an American stage composer best known for his work on several musicals such as The Karate Kid with Robert Mark Kamen, Night Shift, and It’s Kind of a Funny Story. Additionally, he’s currently working with playwright Carson Kreitzer on a new musical about suffragette Victoria Woodhull.

On appeal, he maintains the government failed to establish his opening net worth with reasonable certainty and failed to exclude non-taxable sources of income when calculating future increases in his net worth. He largely attributes these errors to insufficient investigation.

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