George Goz

George Goz

George Wentz is the co-founder and Managing Director of Make A Difference Ventures (MAD). MAD provides funding and expertise to leading energy technologies, investors, and companies.

With over three decades of legal experience, Wentz has represented international oil and gas exploration and production companies. Additionally, he possesses expertise in alternative energy projects as well as high-tech matters.

Early Life and Education

George wentz is a child enamored with rules, systems and predictable outcomes. He grows up with a faith in the church but clings to his father’s belief in law when things get out of hand in his village. As a result his life becomes embroiled in deception, hoaxes, poison pen letters and sick “gifts” sent to him and his family; eventually leading up to conviction and 7 years penal servitude for his crime. George wentz’s tale is an intriguing study in human nature and how our egos influence our decisions.

Achievements and Honors

Goetz, a graduate of the College, has earned numerous accolades throughout his career. Additionally, he served as president of the student government and editor for York Theatre Company.

He was a member of Kappa Psi fraternity and received an award for his involvement in fraternalism at the College. Additionally, he has earned numerous accolades for his music compositions.

He is the recipient of the Oscar Hammerstein Award, given to the best librettist of a musical. He wrote librettos for The Will Rogers Follies, 1776 and Titanic; additionally he created Woman of the Year as part of his fellowship at National Foundation for Jewish Culture. Additionally, he is currently working on a book about the Holocaust which will be released soon.

Net Worth

George wentz is one of the world’s most successful actors, boasting a net worth of $85 million. As an activist, he has dedicated his energy and resources towards aiding those in need around the globe. He has collaborated with several charities such as Not On Our Watch and Hope for Haiti Now.

George has traveled to several countries, including the United States, to raise money for causes that mattered to him. In January 2010, he organized a telethon called Hope for Haiti Now which collected donations for earthquake victims in Haiti. George is an outspoken supporter of children’s rights and other vulnerable groups.

He is actively engaged with the Not On Our Watch Project, an organization which brings global awareness and resources to mass atrocities. He has visited Chad, Haiti and other African countries to understand the needs of people there. Furthermore, he works closely with the UN to promote peace and stability; he was part of a delegation which visited Libya in 2007 for this purpose.

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