George Isham

George Isham – A Chicago Legend

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Chicago was a city of accomplished individuals that was also tightly knit. Within this community of hardy men, two members of the Isham family made their mark.

Ralph Nelson Isham and Edward Swift Isham made a lasting impression upon the medical community when they arrived in 1855, quickly earning themselves a place of honor due to their dedication and skill in treating patients. Their success could not have come at a better time for the profession as they continued to excel throughout the years that followed.

Early Life and Education

George Isham, born in 1842 in New York State, is the Medical Director for HealthPartners and oversees quality and utilization management, chairs the benefits committee, and leads Partners for Better Health, an initiative designed to improve member health.

He is the former executive director of University Health Care in Madison, Wisconsin and has made contributions to community service projects such as Reach Out – providing medical services to children enrolled in subsidized child care centers – and Mile High Healthy Beginnings initiative – aiding physicians in serving underserved populations.

George was born to Thomas Vance Isham and Margaret Elizabeth Smith (nee Isham). He had 11 siblings, including Allie Isham and Susan Jane Thing (both born Isham). On April 12th 1897 at Marriage Place in Arkansas he wed Sarah Delilah Isham.

Professional Career

In the 1860s, as Chicago experienced a new influx of American entrepreneurs and real estate developers, two members of an extended family from the American East made their mark on the city. Each made an indelible impact on its development.

George Isham, a renowned physician from Mannheim, New York, joined the newly constructed Bellevue Hospital in 1854 and made his mark by performing a tracheotomy for quinsy on the son of an influential Presbyterian minister.

He obtained his medical degree from the University of Illinois and went on to become a board-certified surgeon. Throughout his career, he performed more than 5,000 surgeries. Furthermore, he wrote “Epidemic of Care,” in which he addressed America’s healthcare crisis and offered solutions for fixing it.

Achievements and Honors

George Isham was an eminent physician. He founded Chicago Medical College and served as a contract surgeon during the Civil War. Additionally, he chaired Passavant Hospital – forerunner to Northwestern Memorial Hospital – before serving on its board.

He founded the Chicago Surgical Association, later to be known as the American College of Surgeons. Additionally, he served on the founding board of directors for the Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement.

George Isham has achieved great success and been honored with numerous honors and awards, such as a Bachelor of Arts in biology from the University of Wisconsin Madison and Master of Science in preventive medicine/administrative medicine from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Additionally, he was elected to the National Academy of Medicine.

Personal Life

George Isham was an astute businessman who achieved success through hard work and wise investments. Additionally, he possessed a deep-seated love of family life that transcended all else.

He was the son of Sir Euseby Isham and Elizabeth Panting, a previous graduate of Lincoln College in England.

As the French and Indian War broke out, George decided to serve his majesty by joining the service. Subsequently, he settled into his career as a respected attorney in Chicago.

The Isham family was a major force in the growth and development of Chicago as an influential commercial center. Arriving in the 1850s, each with their own special expertise, they made an immediate impact with their presence.

Net Worth

George Isham was not only a successful Diplomat but he also amassed an impressive net worth. Estimates place it between $1-5 Million before his passing.

F Lance Isham owns shares of Ralph Lauren Corp (RL) valued at $5 Million. You can view more information about F Lance Isham’s latest holdings in the Stock Transactions section of his SEC filings.

Isham’s net worth is estimated based on a variety of social factors. Please note that this amount may be significantly higher or lower than his actual income.

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