George Karelias

George Karelias Cigarettes

George Karelias cigarettes are made in Greece and come in either short (70 mm) or king size (85 mm), packaged in a flat hard box containing 20 cigarettes per pack.

Male smokers seeking the finest cigarettes will find this brand to be ideal. It offers both classic strength cigarettes as well as lighter varieties for those who prefer a milder smoke.

Early Life and Education

George was born July 5, 1917 in Petrozavodsk, Russia to Alexander

noff and Varvara (Barbara) Vasilievna Sepiagina. In 1918 the family relocated to San Francisco where George attended Polytechnic High School and earned scholarships from Stanford University. While at Polytechnic he played on an undefeated football team and earned letters in track and swimming for Stanford University.

Data from a sample of young Russians was used to examine the role that early life characteristics such as childhood socioeconomic position, birthplace of mother, family structure and various life events played in shaping educational attainment over time. We examined these effects using age cohort-specific tertile distributions. Our results revealed that childhood socioeconomic position and birthplace had an independent negative effect on educational attainment.

Professional Career

George Karelias has been in the tobacco business for decades. From its base in Kalamata, Greece, the company has grown into an international distributor of high quality cigarettes. Furthermore, George Karelias supports schools, youth organizations and health centers within his community; additionally he contributes funds towards organizations that promote Greek culture through music, dance and costumes.

George Karelias and Sons has made a substantial impact in the community with its impressive range of filtered cigarettes. The most popular is the George Karelias and Sons brand, which comes in both classic strength and light varieties. The company takes great pride in using only premium tobacco blends at its state-of-the-art production facilities; consequently, its products can be found worldwide – with much of their distribution concentrated in Europe.

Personal Life

George Karelias is a Greek tobacco company that has produced some of the world’s most beloved brands of cigarettes. Headquartered in Kalamata, Greece, it boasts an impressive global market share of over 0.33 percent due to its cutting-edge production facilities and use only top quality blends. George Karelias cigarettes are primarily sold throughout Greece, Britain and Eastern Europe but its presence continues to expand worldwide.

Oriental Mist is a filtered hand-rolled cigarette made with traditional oriental tobacco recipes passed down for generations. Packaged in an attractive wide flat hard box, Oriental Mist comes in either short (70 mm) or king size (85 mm) 20 pack sizes and is made with only natural tobacco without chemical additives.

Net Worth

George Karelias, the founder of the Karelia family of tobacco companies, has a net worth of $1.2 billion. Through their sons, they have built the business into Greece’s leading cigarette producer, selling its products both domestically and abroad. They specialize in hand-rolled cigarettes and have expanded their brand families with new additions like Karelia Slims International and its lighter version Karelia Slims Blue; American Legend and Karelia Family brands also make notable appearances; in 2006 the company introduced menthol versions of these international bestsellers. Its headquarters are located in Athens/Thessaloniki as well as London locations.

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