George Maracas

George Maracas

Maracas are percussion instruments commonly employed in Latin music genres. Usually played in pairs, maracas provide various rhythms.

Higuera drums are a traditional instrument of Puerto Rico, created by the Tainos. Made from round fruits called higueras, these instruments contain holes filled with pebbles or seeds which produce their distinctive sound.

Early Life and Education

George Maracas, otherwise known as the’solar power wizard’, has dedicated his career to working on solar energy and sustainability issues. He is currently a professor of electrical engineering and sustainability at Arizona State University and acts as acting director and chief operating officer of ASU’s Solar Power Laboratory.

He has earned numerous accolades for his achievements, including a National Science Foundation award for his work on the Energy, Power and Adaptive Systems program (EPAS), which encourages educational curricula reform in renewable energy collection, conversion and interfacing with electric grid. Furthermore, he established several research programs in nanotechnology, advanced materials and optoelectronic devices. Furthermore, he was the first person to use laser technology for solar cell manufacturing and has filed patents on his groundbreaking technologies.

Professional Career

George Maracas’ professional career boasts an impressive list of accomplishments. As an electrical engineer and scientist, he specializes in solar energy. Additionally, he holds a professorship of Electrical Engineering and Sustainability at Arizona State University, serving as acting director and chief operating officer for ASU’s Solar Power Laboratory.

He has established university research programs in nanotechnology, advanced materials and optoelectronic devices. Additionally, his semiconductor-related work has received substantial corporate and federal grant support.

He was honored with the Motorola Master Innovator award and inducted into the Scientific Advisory Board Associates (SABA). Additionally, as an entrepreneur he founded Rios Reyna String Quartet – one of Latin America’s most prominent chamber groups with eleven years of international success and two commercial recordings under their belt.

Achievements and Honors

George has taken advantage of the National Science Foundation to embark on a lifelong pursuit: discovering and disseminating knowledge about hydrogen – the universe’s most abundant element. He is an expert at recognizing and seizing opportunities to use hydrogen’s power for good, both locally and internationally. Currently he serves as program director of the Energy, Power and Adaptive Systems (EPAS) program in the Engineering Human Systems department at NSF. George holds a variety of titles in addition to those mentioned above, such as Deputy Director of Science & Technology Division, Associate Chief Scientist, and senior staff member at EPAM Center for Photonics and Nanotechnology. Of all his accolades, one that stands out most is his ability to keep four scientists contented and productive within an intensely fast-paced environment marked by constant communication and tight scheduling restrictions.

Personal Life

George Maracas is a former member of the State Musical Theater in Sofia, Bulgaria and percussionist for Polyrhythmia national percussion ensemble. He has performed as a soloist and with orchestras throughout Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary France Luxembourg Germany Austria Switzerland Sweden Italy and US.

He is currently the Program Director of the Energy, Power and Adaptive Systems (EPAS) program at the National Science Foundation where he has established university research initiatives in nanotechnology, advanced materials, optoelectronic devices and solar energy technologies. Furthermore, he holds a Senior Membership with IEEE and holds 33 issued patents.

George has a deep-seated passion for music and art, often seen performing with his wife Julia in front of an appreciative audience with their ‘Maracas’ company (named after their dear mommy). Their genuine jokes about musicians keep audiences riveted at their concerts.

Net Worth

George Maracas has amassed a net worth of approximately PS700,000. This fortune has been earned through his career as a musician, which includes being both a percussionist and dancer as well as DJ. He has performed for various artists and appeared on television shows like Celebrity Big Brother. At home in Herefordshire, England with his girlfriend, Maracas enjoys an active social life.

At five years old, George began playing harmonica for public performances on local talent shows. Later in life he moved to London in pursuit of his music career and has toured with Little Feat and recorded albums alongside other artists like Kathy Dalton and John Cale. Additionally, George has served as a mentor to many young musicians helping them achieve success.

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