George Markey

George Markey

George Markey is a singer-pianist, composer and producer. He performs solo piano as well as with several vocal groups.

He received his education at Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia under Alexander McCurdy, and went on to teach at Westminster Choir College and Peabody College.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Geroge Markey was an accomplished composer, harpsichordist and organist at First Baptist Church in Brooklyn, New York. He conducted many orchestral concerts that have endured over time and was an expert connoisseur of classical music across all genres. Aside from that he made regular trips to Europe as well. All while managing to juggle family responsibilities, two careers and a hectic schedule – making his church the envy of its neighborhood! A true swashbuckler by nature but certainly no slacker by any stretch!

Achievements and Honors

George Markey was an accomplished organist and composer renowned for his long career in the United States. He studied at the Curtis Institute of Music under Alexander McCurdy, creating several organ pieces still in print today. Additionally, he served on the national council of the American Guild of Organists for many years, earning himself an honorary doctorate from University of the South at Sewanee. For five years he served as organist/choirmaster at First Baptist Church in Nashville as well as touring America and Europe performing operas and orchestral concerts while publishing volumes of organ/choral works. Additionally, George Markey was part of both Century Association and MacDowell Colony organizations.

Personal Life

George Markey was an accomplished musician, boasting a wide range of musical abilities. He held faculty positions at both Curtis Institute of Music and Peabody Conservatory, as well as authoring popular organ books that remain in print today. In addition to performing at prestigious venues like Carnegie Hall or Wanamaker store in Philadelphia, Markey also enjoyed making humorous comments about visual art forms in his free time.

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