George Markowsky

George Markowsky

George Markowsky is a computer science professor at the University of Maine with expertise in entrepreneurship, international education and cybersecurity research. Additionally, he served as founding dean of the American-Ukrainian School of Computer Science in Maine.

He is the founding president of the Maine Software Developers Association and sits on the board of a local nonprofit bringing high-speed internet to communities surrounding the university. Additionally, he consults internationally on emergency prepareddness initiatives.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

George Markowsky has achieved much during his 30-year career at the University of Maine, including being named founding dean of the school of computing and information science. For his academic contributions in entrepreneurship and international education, he was honored with an endowment award based on a single digit number of merits. Additionally, he received both an honorary doctorate and posthumous doctorate in memory of a colleague; further cementing him as an invaluable member of many interdisciplinary research teams.

Achievements and Honors

George Markowsky achieved many notable accomplishments throughout his life. He served in World War II, was a member of the Naval Academy and contributed to developing the Sidewinder missile technology.

He previously taught computer science at the University of Maine and is now a professor of computer science at Missouri S&T, serving as chair of their department.

George’s first job came through an internship he did while in college, which was recommended to him by a mutual friend who served as school photographer and worked at a public affairs office near campus.

Personal Life

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