George Naddaff

George Naddaff

George Naddaff was raised in South End Boston during the Great Depression. To provide for his family, he had to work hard.

At the age of 12, he took his first job shining shoes on docks for sailors to support his family. This experience would shape him into the successful franchiser he is today.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

George Naddaff is an entrepreneur renowned for creating and franchising numerous successful businesses. He is widely regarded as a visionary and expert in franchising.

He is a true master of this craft, having been featured in top business publications like Forbes, Inc. and Success Magazine.

His philosophy for professional success is straightforward: He doesn’t create a great business; instead, he finds it. With an eye for finding those unique businesses with great products and economic models that could be replicated, his knack for finding great businesses continues to grow.

He first achieved success with Boston Chicken, which he built into a nationwide franchise chain and eventually sold to Blockbuster Video executives in 1992. Additionally, he founded VR Business Brokers and Mulberry Child Care Centers which expanded to over 90 locations before being sold to Kindercare.

Achievements and Honors

George Naddaff is a renowned entrepreneur who has built numerous successful businesses. He was instrumental in the growth of Boston Chicken Restaurant Chain, for instance.

Naddaff is a sought-after speaker on franchising. His annual presentations to the Entrepreneurial Organization’s (EO) MIT Entrepreneurial Master’s Program garnered him an all-time high rating of 9.82 in 2010, marking 18 consecutive years of participation.

George is currently Chairman and CEO of UFood Restaurant Group, a publicly traded company that operates fast casual restaurants featuring healthy foods. Additionally, he owns KnowFat Lifestyle Grille, which has attracted celebrities and boasts some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in America.

Personal Life

George Naddaff has always had an ambition for success. At the tender age of 12, he began shining shoes for sailors on docks to support his family financially.

At age 13, he secured a job at Huyler’s Restaurant on Beacon Hill. This establishment featured both a soda fountain and fine dining restaurant; it also sold baked goods and delicious candies from New York state.

Naddaff’s experience at this location served as the impetus for his future success as an entrepreneur, molding him into the kind of leader he would become through other franchise and business opportunities in years to come.

Net Worth

George Naddaff is an acclaimed entrepreneur and businessman. He founded Boston Chicken, one of America’s largest fast food chains, as well as creating numerous other successful businesses such as VR Business Brokers.

He began his entrepreneurial journey by working at a shoe store and later at a newspaper stand in Boston’s South End. A hungry and ambitious young man, he always looked for the next big thing even when it seemed unlikely at the time.

He has an infectious sense of humor and cracks jokes frequently. His knack for finding the ideal opportunity and making it work is truly remarkable; he’s like Ray Kroc – he finds great businesses, franchises them, and then takes them national.

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